AI and nanite control?

Would it be a neat idea if AIs could send trigger signals to crewmembers, and trigger/activate nanites remotely? I suggest two abilities; the first one, an ability to directly send a signal to a crewmember, and also an ability that changes the signal sent.

This will allow AI to coordinate with Science and allow it to remotely activate healing nanites on fallen crewmembers , or further increase its ability to help security with sleep nanites.

Malf AIs should also get a module that allows them to load a virtual nanite disk into nanite machines and download, modify and upgrade nanite programs with it.

Yes, but only if that’s been programmed in. It wouldn’t make sense for the AI to just be able to control nanites since they aren’t really borgs with brains. A program module inside of the nanites (I haven’t done nanite programming so I don’t really know the name for it) that specifically allows it to connect to nanites or to specific ones only would be pretty good.

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This could add the right amount of complexity.

RD says “Scientists, did you add AI remote to nanintes? And deto-”
AI states “Explosion in nanite lab…”

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