Advanced SM Setup Guide

This is a guide how to quickly setup a safe SM beyond the standard SM setup.

Disclaimer: A lot of this knowledge came from learning from other players, so if you see me using something you came up with, take a bow.

Now, there are a few things you really need to know for more advanced SM setups. The first being that there are multitude of different SM setups and I encourage you to experiment and find some that work for you. The second thing you need to remember is about pipe atmo, it is magic. ALL the gas is in all the pipe at the same time.

It does not “flow”, it just is. - Wise Sensai

On with the setup.

First. Double the SM Scrubbers. As long as you are careful, you can add a second set of scrubbers to the SM chamber. After experimenting, I have found the best way is to them go straight to the outlet, having them go into the loop causes the SM chamber to have less gas in. This makes it a pain for “pressure” setups. (ie using a large amount of gas powering the SM instead of emitters)
SM SCrubbers
Make sure you set the new scrubbers not to scrub the gas(es) you want to keep in the SM.

Remove the pumps to and from the SM but make the input pipe a valve. This is very useful if you need to vent the SM to space but don’t want to vent all the Cooling loop gas at the same time. (SM delams in a vacuum just as well as when it is on fire)
SM Valve

Next you can add cooling pipes to layers 2 and 4.
SM Cooling

Gas collection, I recommend this setup as you can add a thermo machine and control the temp of the gas you collect.
SM Plux

Space Loop. Remove all the pumps, they slow things down, and make sure you have a bypass pipe in case the space loop gets damaged in some way. Also, link the SM chamber cooling to each other and give it it’s own Space Loop.
SM Space

SM Space Loop 1

Filters, the starting filters are fine. No need for change, unless you want to.

Thermo cooling. Again, remove the pumps for better gas flow and cooling. Note: Thermos should only be used to cool down a delamming SM and can be off most the time. Best to be prepared.
SM Thermo

And finally, add some plasma to the SM chamber cooling.
SM Spare Plasma

And there we have it. A very cold SM that does not delam when time goes wrong and gas freezes.
SM power

And now for the big question “How do I fix a delam?”

Turn off the emitters and/or remove any excess gas you have added to the SM. This will stop any outside forces further agitating the SM. Next you should turn on the thermo machines to cool the loop gas down further. If things are getting bad, you (or a borg) can use the RCD to remove a tile in the SM chamber to vent it. Just remember to stop gas flowing in unless you want to lose all the cooling loop gas at the same time. Don’t forget to seal the hole once the SM calms, or it will continue to delam. Finally, when things seem to be sorting themselves out, add a touch of n2o. n2o helps to heal the SM. But be warned, at high temps it breaks down and creates o2. Which is bad.

I hoped you learned something by reading this mess of a guide. Please try to not be too insulting in the comments.