Advanced Payment / Bank System Simple Guide

With the bank refactoring merged, now you can accurately adjust people’s department payment.

this is “Payment” menu in the console

  • HoP Console will show the full list of payment for every person (but you still need corresponding access to adjust them in this menu. It’s mainly for payment querying.)
  • Heads Console will only show their corresponding department payment for every person.

this is “Access manipulation” menu in the console (Up: CE console / down: HoP console)

  • HoP console will be capable to adjust every payment status of a person
  • Heads console will be only capable to adjust its department’s payment status of a person.
  • Department manifest status: this lets a person to be in a department in crew manifest. CMO can let an assistant to be in medical department
  • Vendor free: This lets the person to buy a department items for free
  • changing someone’s job will automatically change a person’s payment status.

This means a CMO doesn’t have to ask HoP to adjust an assistant’s payment. You can directly hire them by setting their payment if you want them to be a doctor, or setting bonus to them.


  • HoP can make a new bank account with a cost of 1000 credits in service budget

I know bee doesn’t have actual meaningful economy system, but this will be a first step to make better economy. lol

Finally, somebody thinks about the economy.


Finally we can hire golems

Been having issues as hop that I cant edit the payroll or bonuses of staff. Anyone else having the same problem?

You could already do that, now you can pay them. So now they may demand not been interns any more

I can’t find out the exact condition for how it happens. I saw someone who couldn’t do that, but it was pretty fine to me.