Adam Adamowicz not being a valid name

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Tyranicranger4

Your Discord: Tentakuru#9779

Offender’s CKEY: Tentakuru

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Adam Adamowicz

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 25/06/2022

Round Number: 38920

Rules Broken (if relevant): naming guidelines

Incident Description:

So I have been informed by senior admin Tyrnicranger4 that name Adam Adamowicz is not a valid name and I should change it before next round.
I said Adam is pretty standard name, Adamowicz is pretty standard name,
together they make pretty generic slavic name. Nothing unusual.
Reply was “sounds weird when used in combination. Kind of like ‘John Johnson’ or something of the sort. Both name are fine individually in my opinion”.
If my name was Adam, and my father’s name was also Adam using russian patronymics I would be refered to as Adam Adamowich, Adamowich being my middle name. This would be used instead of my surname both formally and informally.
On discord Tyranicranger4 stated that they are american and to them it sounds strange but I’m free to appeal so here I am. I’m not russian, but I’m eastern european and to me it doesn’t sound very strange.
Additionally I like this name, have grown accustomed to it and have been using this name for last 50 hours and no other admin said a word and lot of people recognize me by this name at this point.
Everything that naming guidelines says in regards to human is :
" Human: Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names."

I believe this name is in accordance to this rule.
I’m kindly asking you to allow me to keep using this name.

Here is the eastern slavic naming custom I mentioned above:


Real world name, Rule 1.7 violation

While yeah they have a wikipedia entry, I’ve both been a fan of Bethesda’s games and read a few comics published by DHC, I’ve never heard of him. This might be worth considering as a valid name.


Doesn’t this only apply if the player is aware of it?

Calling this person famous is a bit of a stretch here and besides that I don’t believe admin had known this person while making the ruling.


I can’t believe I can’t be called John Smith or Thomas Williamson because someone is named that in real life and just so happen to be known on the internet


Not famous so no rule break.


I had no idea Adam Adamowicz exists and don’t care about him. Im not fan of bethesda games beside morrowind maybe and don’t know a single person related to company beside todd howard or whats his name


Michael Kirkbride?


All right, second name I also recognize.

Yeah, but probably only cuz there’s a huge rumor about him doing shrooms and then writing a massive pseudo-religious mystical manuscript in 36 short stories

Edit: Anyway this is off topic.

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This is such a stupid ban, there are many more in game names that are a lot more obviously a reference that no one has taken action against.

  1. noone fucking knows this guy and it almost certainly wasn’t intentional

  2. this probably helps with the name ban since an actual person has that name, probably many others

It had nothing to do with it being a ‘real’ name.

In my opinion this specific combination of first and last name is unusual and doesn’t really fit.
To me it is unusual and raised an eyebrow, perhaps it doesn’t for most people.
I have zero issue with being overruled here if it’s deemed to be an acceptable name by the rest of staff.


I would think that the spirit of this rule is to prevent some clearly un-RP names like Dick Big or Joe Sleepy.

For me a name Jesus or Muhammad (peace be upon his name) would seem strange, as there’s almost no hispanic or arabic people where I live, but a quick google would tell me Jesus was in top100 most popular names for babies in 2012 and there is record of 200k people named Jesus only in USA, I’m guessing many times that in Brasil while Muhammad (pbuh) is probably the most popular name in the world.
Would these names breach naming convention?

My point is you calling it unusual is somewhat understandable given you are American and you probably don’t see many slavic names in general, but your decision to say it’s breaching the rules feels to me completely arbitrary and unfair.

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this is a real common name

shrugging off the responsibility on the team?

you forget that the purpose of 1.7 is so that we don’t have people roleplaying as real people instead of making their own characters, which is not the case here. Try to understand the purpose of the rules next time.


If someone makes a valid complaint towards a ruling I’ve made and wants feedback from other admins what the fuck else do you want me to do?

This is a staff report, the outcome is completely out of my hands.

Whether or not it exists in the real world is irrelevant.

Oh yeah my bad thought this was a ban appeal :upside_down_face:

There’s not even a ban :pensive:


First off, this doesn’t automatically mean a given name is fine. Names which raise eyebrows will still be questioned and/or denied.

I’m just gonna say this here, real quick, quit peanut posting. This has nothing to do with the report.

However, Adam Adamowicz is a more or less generic slavic-sounding name. I’m fine with the name myself, although the last name sounds very uncreative.

Report processed…?