ACTUAL ban appeal (kinda)

Title: CandidK banned by marshmellow10

never checked
Admin’s CKEY:
dont know
Ban Type:
all servers
Ban Length:
1 week (7 days)
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Releasing the aliens as a non antag
Appeal Reason:
I understand that i broke the rules, and that low-pop isn’t an excuse. but i think that a whole week for something like releasing aliens? i personally find that extreme. if i hadn’t, it would just be another boring, slow, late night shift. (a drag for everyone) but since i did, we had a fun and memorable one instead gearing up in the armory, nearly dying, negotiating with the queen? i think that a little leniency is deserved here, even a little bit
Additional Information:
i also really enjoy playing on this server, i even made this account less than a month after playing on it, so i would really appreciate even a reduction in my sentence.

It was a 6 player round, by the end of the aliens being released it was 2 left alive.

I would have been happy to leave you with a warning or shorter ban, but you acknowledged you were breaking a rule IC as you let them out when you said something along the lines of ‘I dont care how NT punishes me’.

Do you have a good explanation for that?


I meant NT as in sec or command punishing me. thats about all i have though.

So, lets go over this.

You release xenos, you know you shouldn’t, and do it anyway. You were complacent in the ticket, I wouldn’t call it understanding, it felt as if you heard everything I had to say, said ‘ok’ and you didn’t care much.

You then make this thread:

In which you say it was ‘worth it’ and seem to have no understanding of how it was against the rules still.

And then, you add in this ban appeal that you find it extreme, and that you feel you were actually improving the round by breaking the rules.

I skipped a note and gave you a ban because you knew what you did was wrong, and now I’m going to deny your appeal because despite knowing it was wrong, I feel as if you haven’t learnt anything and would do it again.

I would normally encourage you to read the rules again, but seeing as you knew the rules and decided to break them anyway, I’m going to suggest you cut that out, as that is a fast track to another ban.