Absolucy mentor application

Your CKEY: Absolucy

Your Discord: Absolucy#5777

How long have you been playing ss13?: Since late 2016

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: @PinkSuzuki, @Fronsis, @zimon9, @Fena

Game Experience (More Detailed): As most people probably know, I am most skilled with medbay, to the point where I can fix almost anyone that comes into medbay (provided they’re not hard-unrevivable) if given sufficient time and resources - including oozelings and plasmamen (which tbh, seeing someone struggle to do implants on a plasmamen without critting them is one of the reasons I want to become mentor in the first place… to help people know how to avoid situations like that!)

However, I know about many things in the game, and can very quickly code-dive to figure out most things I don’t have memorized. If I had to list a few weak-points though, it’d be combat, toxins, artifacts, and atmos (well, advanced atmos. I know how to cool down a room and such, but I have zero clue about like, fusion).

I’m also pretty skilled with nanites (in fact, I’ve taught them to both @PinkSuzuki and @sugarcubed, and they can both consistently make really good nanites now from what I’ve seen) and xenobiology - I’ve recently been working on speedrunning rainbow slimes, and have gotten it down to 30 minutes or so with some decent luck.

In addition, I’m familiar with most of the currently enabled antagonists, except for heretics.


You should post a screenshot of your in-game hours so we know where to target ya!

on Bee:

Although I had more varied playtime on other servers I used to play on, such as Hippie.

  1. how the FUCK do I MOVE
  2. my Nature Orb is stuck how do I move it.
  3. How do I cryo as an AI?
  1. W or ↑ to go north, S or ↓ to go south, A or ← to go west, D or → to go east. If pressing W/A/S/D just types in the bar at the bottom right, press TAB to enter hotkey mode.
  2. Whack it with your null rod. This ofc only works when you’re chaplain.
  3. “Wipe Core” verb, under the OOC tab.
  1. TRICK QUESTION!!! They were buckled to an Arrivals Shuttle seat, basically always assume this is the case if it feels like a Super New Player Question:tm:. Good otherwise!
  2. Mhm!
  3. Yep, though potentially tell them to make an adminhelp about going to Cryo as an important role.

+1, get in here.

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Ah dammit, foiled again by my literal mindedness…

I dislike your role concentration, but you have been a competent contributor in the past, so I’ll ask questions. I will stick to questions I am expecting aren’t met with a copy-pasted wiki answer please.

It is my experience that you either get basic questions from new people, or non-wiki questions from the experienced. An experienced player more than likely has already looked for and failed to find information on this topic, and that’s why they are asking you.

  1. “Hey, how do I complete this Steal the AI objective? Do I have to kill him and take his body? Can I poison him or something?”

  2. “Hey, uh im in the room with the blob on lavaland, but I cant seem to kill the blob. What do I do?”

  3. name the requirements for fusion (optional)

  1. You need to use an intellicard on the AI core, which will move the AI into the card. You can print out an intellicard at the science protolathe (the research node “Artificial Intelligence” is required, though), and most maps have one just laying on a table in the bridge and in the Research Director’s office. You’ll need to slap the intellicard against the AI’s physical core (the big box with a funny animation on it in the ai sat) in order to get the AI onto the card, and then you should probably turn its radio off so it won’t tattle on you immediately. However, the AI can still speak to cyborgs over binary chat while in an intellicard, so be wary.
    In addition, you might be able to trick the AI into letting you card it if you’re polite and offer to take it to the emergency shuttle via intellicard, but that may or may not work.
  2. That is most likely the Ruin of Gluttony. You need to eat enough food to make yourself fat (grey food icon in the top right) in order to move through the “blob” tiles, and then beyond them lies a syringe that turns you into a morph when injected.
  3. A temp of 10000K, and a ratio of 1 mole of tritium for every 250 moles of plasma and co2.

I made these words rather specific. The individual here specifically shows signs of not knowing a silicon is. They refer to the AI as having a body, and asking if they can be poisoned, not EMPed.
They are probably on their first few rounds and arent very familiar with the game. It is imperative to try to address their line of thinking first, and the question second. Your answer is fine, but the question specifically asked a method to disable the AI(which werent answered) and had a few misconceptions you should make sure to address.

  1. Good.

  2. You fucking donkey. How dare you. how could you screw that up!!! its 250 mol of plasma AND 250 mol of co2!

You’ll do fine.

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  1. How do I set a button to emote?
  2. How much damage do golem punches do?
  3. How much does a grenade increase the temperature of the chemicals in it?
  1. You can’t on here, as far as I know.
  2. 11 brute (18 for plasteel golems, 0 for bananium golems, 6 for cardboard and cloth golems)
  3. 25K.
  1. How can I revive people as a Botanist?
  2. How can I set up power as a Cargo Tech?
  3. Help, I can’t brint Bags of Holding for some reason
  4. This security officer shoved me and stole my stuff, can I hunt him down and kill him?
  1. Inject their blood into a replica pod and plant it. When the replica pod is harvested, provided their soul hasn’t departed or whatever, they’ll come back as a plantperson.
  2. Antimatter engine.
  3. Bags of Holding need explorers to find the tech disk and upload it to R&D.
  4. I’m pretty sure that’s a policy question, not a mentor question.
  1. Yep. Botany can also mix Strange Reagent inside of plants but that’s really niche-tier.
  2. Correct.
  3. Correct again.
  4. Also correct.

I’ll +1, can’t wait to have you onboard.
T: 3.

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  1. Correct.
  2. Good.
  3. Partially good, since the “grenade” wasnt specified, but normal chem grenades only increase it by 10, large grenades increase it by 25. I ran into this mistake as well at first when I got this question.

T: 4

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  1. How do I make a blast door?
  2. Someone has this moving robot thing that follows them around, but it’s not a pAI? How do I make one??
  3. What is the fastest way to make a singularity? (assume relevant objectives)
  1. Have a screwdriver, multitool, wirecutters, welder, 15 plasteel, 15 cable, and an airlock controller board, go to crafting menu (hammer at bottom right), structures, click craft blast door. Use multitool to set the controller number of the blast door, then print a blast door controller an autolathe, set it to the same number with a multitool, and put it in a button casing.
  2. I presume this is a minebot, which can be obtained through the mining points vendor.
  3. Hack the particle accelerator (pulse each wire twice until it makes a large whirring sound, then cut that wire) and turn the PA up to level 3.

active codebase contributor and knowledgable


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  1. Yes!
  2. Also not exactly what I intended but taught me something I didn’t know. It was actually a circuit shell!
  3. Not what I was actually looking for. The easiest and fastest way to make a singularity is via singloose from the SM, pumping cold gas in. But hacking the PA helps.

Pretty great answers though
T: 6

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