About current issue

Don’t think much has to be said, I’m proposing two things that I don’t think would be hard to implement so could be coded fairly rapidly and put a stop to everyone’s irritation

First, I know we have playtime restrictions on command roles but I was sure we had one checking for playtime and account age forcing new accounts to play an assistant for an hour or two before they could choose a different job, but judging by what is happening that is not a case. I found a PR from last time we have been dealing with a griefer but it apparently wasn’t merged.
I propose we merge it or something similar, restrict 0 hour accounts at least from playing engineering, security and sadly cargo positions.

Another thing that should have been done long ago is removing particle accelerator machine. Tesla and Singulo generators should be triggered by being hit with particles from fusion.
-It would make it harder for griefers to do their setup without being noticed
-It would make having a stable singulo actually an impressive feat since you would have to keep particles at certain power level
-Fusion alongside its particles would finally have some purpose (I also have a very vague idea for doping materials with energized particles but I guess that’s a discussion for another thread)

That’s all folks, discuss and send it to your local coders


Singulo/tesla being activated by fusion particles would be both tedious and unreliable, and would probably cause only the most hardcore of engis to attempt singulo.

Also, its nearly impossible to do a singularity set up without at least someone knowing. It costs an obscene amount of money to buy all the parts, and generally takes enough time to make already. ESPECIALLY if it isn’t delta-station.


Doing fusion in the first place is soft grief but whatever lol

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I think a better idea would to lock the particle accelerator console behind a command level ID. This would mean that the setup would have to be inspected by command and its safety confirmed before it is turned on. Make it emmagable too so it is still an option for antags.


Particle accelerator costs 2700
Singularity generator 4700

That’s basically nothing, it doesn’t need much in terms of space, you just need 3x5 tiles and you’re set
That’s why we have an issue with griefer sabotaging us and ending multiple rounds in row even at low pop. He just arrives as cargo tech, buys parts and assemble them in maint or cargo warehouse-whole operation takes 10-15 minutes, another round got ruined on Sage just now.

Anyway everyone focused on fusion particles part but I think the fastest and easiest solution is in first half of my original post, tweak job access of 0 hour players (if possible also include account age into formula). Those people are able to bypass our ban system, I remember when we were dealing with one griefer year ago he even came back on another account during same round to mess with us again on multiple occasions. We can only wait and hope for them to get bored and only way we can affect it is to slow their ability to mess with us again. Increasing the time and effort they have to put in even slightly is the best we can do

We can discuss cargo prices, tweaks to singulos and other engines but playtime and account age restrictions are the simplest and probably most effective solution we can implement and it will help with all range of griefers, not only this specific one with their specific modus operandi

Just to elaborate on it a bit more
Round on Sage just ended with shuttle being called by admins because crew wasn’t even able to call it yet.
Box station, 40 players online, griefer managed to release singularity by 12 minute mark (and since round time starts counting before the game actually starts it’s closer to 10 minutes of actual round) and that’s 2nd round in a row when everyone was quite alerted to the issue

He was a blood brother. I’m betting he just bought 20tc worth of briefcases full of cash. He was the only person in cargo (I was mining an asteroid).

Hilariously the round after that like 5 regulars all went cargo and had a lovely time (till some of us got teleported into a death chamber in science).

Insane amount, one briefcase is 5k credits and costs 2TC IIRC, its a fast grief for anyone really, all they need is to accept part delivery and take them out of cargo. Money isn’t an issue.

(Plus blood brothers dont have uplinks)

Ah, I don’t play blood brothers so I didn’t know that.

yeah, now that I think about it… exploration makes money a lot easier. but still, good luck getting cargo to buy it without budget/or bounties.