A possible addition to blood brothers

to be brief, blood brothers get some random syndicate items

according to the roundstart status report, “the syndicate is looking for people who share a brotherly love who must prove themselves before they are brought into the fold”

which suggests that blood brothers have syndicate connections but aren’t necessarily actual syndicate agents who are given uplinks and whatnot

so therefore, i propose that blood brothers get a handful of random syndicate items in the same vein as the Overthrow gamemode

because the centcom status report suggests that although blood brothers might not be full fledged syndicate agents with uplinks, they might have some low level syndicate sponsors who can’t or won’t exactly afford them with telecrystals and the like, but can source them some low tier syndicate items

it would go a little something like this…

all blood brothers start with a storage implant (or not)
one blood brother will have a Hacked AI Upload Module (in a storage implant or their bag), and an uplink implant with 5 telecrystals
the other blood brother(s) will get a random syndicate item in their storage implant/ their bag
the syndicate items that they could recieve are…

Stechkin Pistol
Box of Throwing Weapons
Energy Dagger
Sleepy Pen
Syndicate Soap
Agent ID Card
Chameleon Kit


Seems… fine? It might be for balancing reasons that they don’t get any items, since, y’know, 2 people teaming up is robust in itself. Then again lings and cultists get OP shit even though they’re team antags.

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“blood brothers don’t get bona fide syndicate items for balancing reasons because they’re a team antagonist and that’s powerful enough in it of itself”



That’s… what I said. Changelings being team antags is dumb.


exactly, partner

therefore, we add to blood brothers instead of take away from other team antagonists

ImPrOvE nOt ReMoVe

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My only concern is that the storage implant is pretty powerful on its own. Ideally the best way to implement this would be a random syndicate item placed into their internals box on roundstart.


(or they don’t get a storage implant)

in parentheses

to put it simply

the way i intend to balance blood brothers, is to give them more shit

because my hope is that they’ll be incompetent with the shit that they are given (like with normal blood brothers) and they get themselves caught and sent to pound town for having proper bona fide syndicate items

But on the other hand if they’re lucky they like, actually get shit, other than just greytide with a friend

so basically it’s better for everyone

it’s more fun for security because they’re more sure of themselves and it’s more fun for blood brothers because they get proper tools

as i said in the suggestion it’ll also make sense lore wise too

also, the list of items i put for the items that BBs would get is literally just straight ported from syndicate mutineer item selection

i.e. it’s up for change

as i said the whole storage implant shebang is optional since we know how useful it can be


I like the idea of giving them each a random traitor item, but storage implant or hacked AI upload module are too powerful in my opinion.

I genuinely think that Changelings being a team antag is retarded though, it doesn’t have to do with blood brothers. They’re already one of the strongest antags in the game and on top of that they are teammates.