A normal day in medbay

Use this to write out your frustration while working in medbay.

If you work in medbay for a bit you will most if not all rounds deal with this shit.

A shit ton of people in medbay even tho they are not hurt in the slightest or if they only have one or two damage in one part of the body.

The surgery tools are stolen and the first thing to go is the circular Saw.

Everyone that works in medbay leaves and never comes back even the CMO.

Get told to help someone who is just hallucinating or just have a harmless sickness while someone is dying due to a lack of having a heart.

Get attacked by a traitor in front of your coworkers and ten other perfectly fine crew members.

Medbay got bombed.

Nuke ops walk into medbay with flamethrowers.

Get beaten by shit sec cus you put the patient on anesthetics while you are doing surgery on him.

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Oh and how can I forget the traitorous virologist make a virus that slowly kills you wail you throw up killer bees.

Dont forget the other 98% of virologists that only fucking make a sneezing virus, what the fuck why the fuck is that the only thing you make in your worthless fucking life, do something fucking useful with your time.

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Debrain a husked body for cloning… Only for them to have already left the game

Never see experimental surgery get researched

Watch as an assistant casually drains a critted dude outta blood by pulling their bleeding body all the way to Medbay.

Cry as someone irradiated to hell decides to go to Medbay, irradiating everyone else in process

Get bombed… Again.

Watch as some crewmen decide to smash their way to Medbay storage rather than get dragged into the sleepers.

It’s been forty minutes and the engineers/scientists haven’t upgraded our machinery.

Get OwO’d by the local felinid md

My lungs feel small…

Watch chemistry blow up/Burn down.

Half of the crew’ve yet to Max out their suit sensors, making it impossible to find their corpse.

And yet I still somehow keep on coming back to play as an md here and there.

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It is a sad sad day when even on MRP a chemist that actually stocks the smartfridges with meds is a rarity. Like me.

It’s even worse when people completely ignore the smartfridges like mate I made those meds so we wouldn’t have to use sleepers for everything. If you just have a booboo grab a healing patch.


i just use sleepers to save up on those meds for an emergency where someone is gonna die if i dont use em like first aid you know?

When it comes to being a chemist, it was nice naming things appropriately.
Some guy asked me for pain killers, and I thought to my self… hmmmm.
So I made pills of 5u bicara and 5kelo, named “Pain Killer”.

When some one used the cryopod to heal brute damage and runs right past the sleepers.

Also, any time some assistant comes in and acts like he knows how to do a doctor’s job better than the doctor makes me want to chuck meth grenades at randoms.

Should have put krokodil in the bottle

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half the time i go to medbay no doctors wanna reattach any lost limbs or even heal me so i steal meds and get shoved by the cmo.