A noob’s guide to the dreaded KiloSM (confirmed working September 4th 2021)

So in the case admins do bring back kilostation here’s a quick guide on how to operate their SM, which isn’t too different to Boxstation SM: Be sure you are wearing mesons or engineering goggles set to mesons.
Grab 6 plasma cans much like Box/Meta/Delta station SM radiation collectors.

Place one in each radiation collector (click on rad collector while holding plasma can to insert it) click it again to turn it on.

Remove the pressure pump marked Red
Replace the pressure pump with a volume pump marked green
Replace the Pressure pump with a straight pipe marked yellow
Turn on the filters marked light blue

At the air alarm north of the SM (the green sign with an inverted AIR and a green rectangle) set all three vents to internal 0 and scrubbers to siphoning expanded.

Rotate the reflector on the bottom left of the SM to 315 degrees so the emitter fires properly into the SM. Then turn all three emitters on

Set the SMES to 200W input, 190W output. You know have enough power to last the station for 1 and a half hour.

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