A noob’s guide to the dreaded CorgSM (confirmed working July 9th 2021)

Corg engineering drives some people insane, but if anything it’s pretty well equipped, you just have to figure out what to change.

Regardless, if there’s no engineering on shift or they do not know how to set things up. Here is how you get a steady power input. Make sure to have adequate radiation and meson protection.

First, replace all 8 volume pumps that are circled white with straight pipes, this helps air get around quicker.
Make sure all 2 volume pumps that are circled dark red are off.
Turn all 4 filters circled purple on and set to filter nothing.
Turn the 1 filter circled Red on and set to filter N2.

Wrench the 2 N2 canisters circled green.
Turn on the 4 volume pumps circled yellow.

At the air alarm, set the all vents to internal 0 and scrubbers to siphon

Now go to south of the SM and turn on the 3 emitters. After that, Set the 3 SMES circled orange to 200KW input, 190KW output. The station should have a stable enough power output.

Of course, if you have more time and understand how to operate the pubbySM, you can instead create a burn chamber and feed the SM exhaust into the TEG like the following. the Green pipes around the CorgSM are bugged so you may want to replace them with new pipes (shown in grey)


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basically how to set a filter to n2

Quite simple solution to Corg SM.

Cut off that tumorous mass called the “TEG” and just make it into a regular CO2 SM.

Engine is made modular. Best way for power imo is to setup am normally, and use the teg with hot gas from Atmos turbine

more than one person have forgot to filter N2 and thus delam.

Set the SM on fire, and then use the left over hot gas to fill the SMES once its blown up. Should reasonbly last the remainder of the shift

How long are we talking about here and how do I do this without causing delam?