A.I needs a way to detect species

As an occasional A.I player, asimov is a pain when it comes to people with their identity hidden, or even just roles that require a mask. I believe having a pseudo-inspect that allows them to see A.I important info would be nice, as I would imagine an A.I having access to NanoTrasen databases.

Iirc, if someone has a hidden identity you need to assume that they are human, unless you check the medical records, which you have access to.


That would be a Standard or a medical borg with a health scanner, Order one to use their scanner to detect what race someone is.

not being able to inspect a race as an AI gives AI a weakness and that’s they must judge races on what they see. also protects people hiding their name/Race with clothes. I find the weakness needed as well, allows for more Things to occur.

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Did not know this! Thank you!

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I’m mostly only talking about the times where a clown is asking an order, and it’s nearly impossible to determine their species. I do understand that, though.

I understand the pain trust me, I do. I play CareTaker, Your options are mostly get a Borg to use their health scanner(standard and medical has them), Or use the medical records. Being able to hide your race from an AI gives you some protections, Say a Feline just murdered a human and the AI notices but they are not wearing their ID and have a mask on? They could make an escape safely without being harmed. (Tough luck to moths and lizards though)

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Correct me if I am wrong, but Clowns are by default labeled insane on the medical records so if you verify that you are able to disregard their request on that basis.

Only times you can disregard orders is if someone has threatened self harm.

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“they are mentally unstable” AKA, insane.

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Until the clown threatens to harm themselves you have to trust their orders. Also, the clown is not insane by medical records unless someone changes it to that

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I’m pretty sure someone is or was working on displaying the race as a hud on AI camera. Though I’m not sure if it is still going on or just died off in development.

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It did, I couldn’t get it working properly.

traitor moths: yeah no that ain’t gonna work.

Hope that clears up the confusion you’ve had!

(It’s from silicon policy)