A genuine misunderstanding

CKEY: Donkershonkers

Admin’s CKEY: Baldir Odenson

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 31

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-18 06:36

Round ID: 10367

Ban Reason: Killed their gang leader during a gang round. Dc before bwoink.

Appeal Reason: I genuinely did not know him to be the gang leader, the UI thing above his head did NOT show up for me, I saw a man shooting another in the hallway’s and simply guessed he was a hostile gangster fully because he had no gangster ID above his head. Now I know full well I should have known his name, his clothes, and his role and thus have not acted in a hostile manner, but I didn’t. I was quite busy in my own little world spraying area’s of the map. If you look at my behavior during the rest of that match it’s not indicative of a man who would gleefully gun down his leader. Now, if you doubt me and upload this ban I fully understand, I’m saying all this based entirely off a local glitch and you have zero hard evidence for this, but I’d rather not be banned from antag after this expires. I really do love this server, even if I am a shitter at times, but when I am antag I do take that role seriously, certainly seriously enough that I would not gun down my leader. If one of you guys has the discord or something of whoever was the leader I would greatly greatly appreciate it if you could pass on that I am genuinely sorry. I tried to play the objective and ended up ruining his game. I have never argued about my other ban’s here because they were all placed correctly, I only dispute this one because there was a massive misunderstanding.

Additional Information: Did not DC to avoid talking to admin, had played several rounds and that point and bf wanted me to play halo. As I did not foresee any rule breakage’s did not feel the need to stick around, would of happily talked if had been bwoinked before I left.

Also sorry for any spelling mistake’s I am clinically retarded

This is the second time I’ve encountered a UI based glitch in gangs which lead to the death in gang bosses.

Ok so I’m thinking of either removing it or reducing it to a week antag ban. As you still broke the rules but it was a genuine misunderstanding so it wasn’t entirely your fault it happened. Would like it if other admins chimed in on this matter.

UI glitches are annoying man, especially when consoles and shit won’t open then ya gotta go ssd for 40 seconds to get looted by greyshits

Am I getting unbanned then?

It’s always the same…
based f limit

I do belive that some servers have some magic UI fix buttons, although they work 50% 50%

Am unbanned now, thanks lad’s.