•A Fiery Atraction - Award Winning Writer Drew james new Story

•A Fiery Atraction

I Was just a lonely miner, minding my own business killing stuff, the usual lonely and sad with only one thing in my mind to be the most skilled man on lavaland when i came across a strange ruin, “ruin of lust? this one is new” wanting to get my sick power fantasy i entered the ruin, dimn disco lights appeared over me written on a paper close to the wall was “your greatest desires will become reality” i looked confused at my GPS as the signals shifted and turned into phrases, i notice a small phrase “look back return” as i looked back to the door i noticed it was gone , i gasped “ what the hell is this place even?” the lights started fluctuating between a blue , pink and red as i noticed a door appear i tried to run to it but a tall muscular lizard emerged wearing a tribal outfit i prepared my pka and tried to fire but something stopped me from firing.

The lizard looked uninpressed “done playing yet?” he said with a anger in his voice as if he had experienced this many times he had very defined abs and legs, he noticed i looked at them and with a ironic tone to his voice he said “you relly are bored huh?” he kissed me and thrown me in the ground i shot my pka and i saw a red figure instead of the lizard, “what thee hell!?!” i screamed and tried to run away but his well defined body was too alluring for me to resist my urges and i started to tear away my enviromental suit when quickly a fellow miner runs into the ruin screaming, “GET OUT OF THERE!” not understanding anything he pulled me out and shot at the lizard which broke the illusion for me , it was not a lizard it was a follower of narsie! His illusion spell was meant to allure me so he could convert me into his cult “He almost gott you!" the miner screamed taking me out of there we both ran into the mining outpost and i was left wondering should i have given into my desires?

By Drew James


i’m going to gouge my own eyeballs out

hello yes do you take constructive critisizm.

Thank you to all the comments they really inspire me to make more

I’ll give you this much, you are the newest owner of the crown ‘Puts the “shit” in shitpost’

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Maggot died for our sins

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your grammar got worse and you are suspiciously detailed about the lizard

ok now even more disappointed and your on my “potential lizard fucker” watchlist

Not enough lizard

I’m gonna regret validating the claim to be “award winning”

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Write something about medical next

no we need cargo

20 character moment

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Actually security might be a good idea too…

Its apid Time
202020 i know how to make full sentences