•A electric romance - A SS13 Fanfic By Drew James

Mofficus Moff was in his school eating alone at a table, even if he did not like

That was his safe space, alone… until he heard a voice from behind him
•Hey moth boy! what are ya doing alone there huh?
He gasped as he notice a voice call him, this had never happened to him before! who could it be? hopefully looking behind him it was Bradius XXV, one of the players at his school football team , he looked back and said with a disapointed voice “oh hi brad…” brad with a shining smile and a voice that radiated happines said.
•Why you all sad there moth boy? really didnt see you after you stopped playing football!

Mofficus looked to the ground and with a sad voice said “why are you talking to me then? that was years ago!” Brad with a curious look on his face and with a less happy tone said.
“I’m sorry… i just really wanted to know what you were up to… it’s been a long time since we talked…”
Mofficus with sad tone said as he looked away from Brad “Just stop trying to talk with me… you are an etherial… you wouldn’t understand all the jokes they do about y-“
Brad stopped him with a finger stopped him from saying one more word and said.
“Mofficus i know hard it’s been! I saw all the jokes they made about you! but i couldn’t cha-“
Mofficus screamed as he ran from his lonely table and into the backyard saying “SHUT UP YOU COULD NEVER UNDERSTAND!”

Brad ran after him and caught him crying in one of the toys, and with a caring tone as of a mother trying to confort their son he said
“i’m sorry Mofficus i really am… i wanted to stop them but… i wasn’t strong enough… i’m so so sorry…”
As he said that he fell on Mofficus knees , and even at the state Mofficus was he said to Brad “I’m really didn’t know it was so hard for you… i- it’s been so hard and-“
As Mofficus was about to say something Brad kissed

Mofficus jumped back with surprise, “Br-brad what are you doing?” he stuttered, Brad looked into his beautifull moth eyes and said.
“I’ve aways loved you… Since you joined the football team i knew you were special… your beatifull wings… your gorgeous eyes everything about is just… i cannot put into words…”
Mofficus looked confused but embraced the kiss even tho it was literally electric he still kissed him, after their kiss Mofficus looked at Brad and said “Brad i know you love me and i love you too but… they will make fun of us and-“ Brad put a finger on his not enabling him to speak and said.
“Who cares Mofficus? i don’t! I love you that’s all that matters to me!”
Mofficus let out a laugh and a smile and kissed Brad on the cheek forging a new life for both of them.

By Drew james

complete sentence moment.

Touch grass

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this is why we can’t have nice things…

Catboy pfp with a collar :white_check_mark:
Moth fanfiction :white_check_mark:
Diagnosis: degenerate


my expectations were low and in still severely disappointed

No secks 0/10


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Dont worry i will make another one guys

You misspelled “beautiful”

The shittier it is the better

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Man the one time I’m upset this wasn’t actually a clickbait thread

He forceread it to a furry clown to torture them.

Rating: I swear it’s not sexual/10

ok actual critism time

it’s incredibly forced and the pacing is alright at the very beginning but fucking rushes trough the rest, we teleport to different scenes wordlessly and the spelling isn’t great either
I’ve seen better written middle school essays

You say you give actual criticism, yet you make no comment over the surprising lack of secks in this piece. Are you out of your mind?

no this is objectively the best piece of literature on the planet

ok look buddy man friend man buddy


Is this ERP? Fucking NASTY

this just in: romance is ERP

Everything is ERP. Become pure and be one with ash

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