A Chef Guide OR How to not cook human meat please

I never said the barman didn’t have it, I said Botanists could give it. The biogen can produce incredible quantities of it at effectively no cost if your Botanists are moderately skilled, while the Booze-O-Mat has a finite quanity and the soda dispenser (assuming it uses the same numbers as a chem dispenser) can run out if the bar’s busy.


I like to think I’m only moderately skilled at Botany, and I can have that thing filled to the thousands in roughly five minutes from arrival in the department. I imagine someone who’s genuinely robust can have it filled quicker. I don’t consider it a stretch to say that a competent Botanist can supply an effectively infinite supply of milk or cream, since I’ve been able to mass-produce milk and cheese without breaking a sweat.

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As a science cat, I typically create an Industrial Silver crossbreed (creates one random food, drink, or botany item per unit of plasma) and will create a pile of food near the cafe.
Is that impolite because I’m stepping on his toes? Or are they normally grateful for the backup?

I need you to understand that, as a Botanist, I am ASTONISHINGLY relieved when there’s no Chef, I don’t have Kitchen access, and someone like you does that. I only take issue with you not bothering to remove dangerous things like xeno meat or things I can use like seeds.

if there is no chef? it’s fine
if there already is a chef doing work? kind of rude


The golden rule is that it’s never impolite to ask! Asking is free.

No chef on staff? Go nuts! Got a chef in the kitchen? Ask them first. Maybe even give it to them and explain how it works.

The mute scientist who flashbangs the bar, leaves a pile of dangerous foods on the floor and sprints away considers other players an inconvenience in their single player game.

@Spacegoat have you considered becoming a mentor? (Mothtor)

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Also, make sure there are no moths around. You can blind them if you do it to much

Yeah, hal wise tends to do that alot. Spamm the kitchen with food, leave it on the floor, leave without a single word spoken

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Another way to get around the meat limitation for lizards is to cook either tofu items (as long as it isn’t in a bun), or eggs. Scrambled eggs is the better option, due to other humanoids being able to eat them as well and them being a healthy option that’ll keep people more satiated.

You are trivializing the chef‘s entire round of work with your usual debug-tier xenobio. It seems the solution is to nerf xeno again

late to the joke

No mention of pizza? shame.

Industrial doesn’t cause a flash.