7 days is up, Freeeeeeeee Crusader Mandela

Since @Bastian0930 and @Caecilius are busy cupping councils cock and balls thinking of them sweet promotions they locked my ban appeal like big brains (well bass did but caecilius sucks balls too)

I’m still innocent I didn’t post no nsfw shit or even the shit I’m accused of posting bass is a brainlet and can’t accept he may have made a mistake
I hope a African exchange student karate chops them in the throats

eat shit and unban ty

How exactly has this anything to do with me? And why is everything that happens that you don’t like somehow my fault? You blamed me for orchestrating a rule change that I found out about after you did, blamed me for Rod banning you and now you’re blaming me for Bastien banning you. Next thing I know, you’ll be blaming me for the Black Death, the First World War and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

stfu you betrayed mother base

Forgotten password is right
Not that your to blame for all of it
But your on wrong side of history boi
You betrayed bee
You betrayed me
And worst of all, you betrayed yourself

He’s also going to blame you for world war three, and the creation of the death star that obliterates earth.

I have spoken.

How about I unbanned you on the 6th day, rendering this completely useless?

Ty still gay doe