20 telecrystal Xenomorph egg for traitor scientist

Basically what title says, i think it would be really cool to experiment with xenos more often, since its very rare for egg to spawn atm


No conversion antags in uplink ty

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maybe 25tc like romerol


conversion antags > non conversion antags.


I agree, but I also don’t think making this an item is a good idea, since competent xenomorphs are usually round ending antagonists.

Petition to get brainwashing disk removed from medical doctor only instead, or use the hypno flash.

Yeah, 25 will be ok.

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Eh, no disagree with your petition.

Still better than creating a round ending antagonist. And don’t say romerol zombies, they’re buff, but not xenomorph level.

And again… no

bruh bruh bruh

40? 45? maybe then
bruh bruh bruh

175 telecrystals seems fair.

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romerol is 20tc… also 25 seemes reasonable thanks to contractor work they would have to work for it.

tbh it just would be cool to get eggs in other ways than admins or rng

like this lmao

Isn’t it like a 20 tc viro specific item now? used to cost 25.

its 20 tc and i got it as chief medical last time

Chief of medical also counts, cause he’s over virology.

tfw i thought its only chief medical

Check admins, if a bunch are on its usually safe to get the cap to message centcom to ask for a xeno egg. Mostly CC will ask you to reinforce xenobio, but if your a tot you dont have to care.

I’ve seriously done this multiple times and have never been denied so far.

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