2 Unknown Players Report

CKEY: boombaklops

Your Discord: boombaklops

Offender’s CKEY: unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Conus Bulbus, Roland Booker

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2023-12-19

Round Number: 47033

Rules Broken: 9

Incident Description: Conus helped Iodine (a blood brother) throughout most of the round, helping them escape security multiple times and healing them from crit. Deadchat tells me that Roland Booker also helped the blood brothers, but I don’t have exact details on that.

Additional Information:

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Hey so i was Roland Booker here. Me and Conus were the two lawyers assigned to Lowwy and Iodine respectively. Once we got to the court, seeing the odds stacked against our clients, we came up with a devious plan to assure we get our court paycheck, by staging an escape for us all. In the end, we didn’t get far, and we all got arrested not even five minutes later, with Lowwy and Iodine getting perma’d from what the captain told me.

In short, we had no clue we were actively helping blood brothers, just really trying to create a fun situation for the two players that had been stuck in the brig cells for the better part of half an hour, one of them almost supposedly dying from the warden’s negligence.

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There is no way you can know someone is a blood brother because they any identifying gear, so this report seems odd. Also, one of the things you reported as wrong is actually good; people should heal other especially if they’re on critical condition because dying is not fun and people rolling antag is not a vouch to ruin their round. (You can read SOP and space law for more information on revival of antags)


Before the self-antagging began, they both knew that the blood brothers were being sentenced to perma for two counts of prime murder. Knowing this and then using a time stop artifact during the court trial to free said prime murderers is a clear violation of rule 9.2.

This a much more nuanced issue then is presented here.
Your avarage non-psychopath is proabbly going to rendere life saving care even to a thief or such.
But a mass murderer? Perhaps not if you’re aware of that fact yes? A dedicated doctor sure, but your avarge person proabbly wouldnt.

No you cant actualy, because neither say anything about it.
Or if it does then imma need a citation on that, cause i cant find anything on this and i help write those suckas.

Unless the death penalty would be applicaple, sec should probbably seek to revive criminals, and people already in prison should be kept healthy by the warden+brig phys.
But there is absolutely no legal obligation for any regular crewman to help a dying person, let alone known criminal/traitor.

The exception being MDs, who are obligated by SOP to heal any crewmember that asks them to, and CMOs, who are obligated by SOP to revive any reviable corspes. (but even then, i dont realy expect them to go out of their way to come into brig to go revive the dsword murderer)

Like with most issues, theres lots of nuance.
Should crew go out of their way to leave muh valids for dead when they aint realy done anything, or antags go out of their way to make evryone they kill as impossible to revive as possible? No, thats dickish behaviour.
Should people bitch and cry about “muh dying is unfun”? Also no, death and round removal is part of the game - get over it.

Now for the actual report.

Let me be clear here - a crewie helping known antagonists without a verry good reason is a clear violation of rule 9.2

These kind of situations are a nightmare to solve from logs alone, because they have so many moving parts and nuance that realy you’d have to have been watching the round.
While it is absolutely possible that they did, i can not without reasonable doubt be sure that they knew these were blood brothers.

Had they known, this would’nt even realy be up for debate - the rule is fairly clear on this point.

Tbh 2 lawyers helping anyone, antag or not, break out of prison is kinda sus. Not impossible to justify via good RP and the right circumstances, but definitely kinda wierd.

Theres one more detail here that i happily happend to spot while diving them logs. Conus was obsesssed.

I didnt realy see any logs of them leaning into this or aknowledging this in any way, which is kinda sad. But maybe i just missed it.
The point is - another one of the two peeps involved here was an antag.

This ultimately brings me to the decision to call this IC. If it was maybe kinda sus for two regular crewies - with one of the two having a pass to act out a little, and the logs less clear then i’d like, i’ll rather ere on the side of “inocent untill proven guilty”