12Oreos 100 hour ban by whyiscaeciliustaken

CKEY: 12Oreos

Admin’s CKEY: whyiscaeciliustaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP Server

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 100 Hours

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2019-12-28 12:59

Round ID: 10786

Ban Reason: Shot an assistant into deep crit for uploading anti-nukeops laws on war ops, then left them in a cell to die. Repeatedly lied in ahelps, saying that they “thought they were stunned”. You have 100 hours and should know how laser guns and crit works.

Appeal Reason: The admin that banned me said that the assistant i shot was uploading anti Nuke Operative laws, however this was a lie. Me and the chaplain were entering the AI chamber to upload the Anti Nuke Operative laws to the AI when the assistant barges in. he says something along the lines of Chaplain is uploading laws to the AI, When he turns on the turret, shocking the chaplain. I shot the assistant and brought him to the brig, to be arrested. i knew i shot him with the laser however i didn’t think he would die. while i was in the cell i searched his bag and found that he still had my gun which he stole earlier from me in the round, so i took and and left him the cell. i did not think he would die, and i didn’t know the nuke operatives would hit the brig. the point being he lied about uploading anti nuke laws and instead prevented the chaplain and harmed him in the process of doing it.

Additional Information: The assistant was fine when the nuke operatives killed him, he was standing up and far from dead when he was killed

If what you say turns out to be the truth and complete truth I would say that you did the right thing and whomever this other player is should be the one punished not just for lying to ahelp but also acting as a antag when they clearly aren’t. If they were armed and you knew this while they are also showing acts of aggression you had every right to use lethal force as not only are they a danger to you and the crew but basically are committed treasonous acts. (which again they are non-antag it seems) This cannot be tolerated from crew members on Nuke-Ops rounds.

While you should have prioritized giving medical treatment to a wounded prisoner once brought to the brig it does sound like you made a honest misjudgement there. Also it would be unreasonable to hold sec up to a standard where if prisoners die due to Nuke Ops attacking the brig at the time of being detained that sec be held responsible. Yes, you have a obligation to protect prisoners but you aren’t a psychic and if your ability to reach a prisoner isn’t feasible shouldn’t be expected of you.

So if your story checks out, I firmly believe you should be unbanned and the other player should receive it instead.

Note i wasn’t sec here, i was making a citizen arrest basically

The ban isn’t for 100hrs its for 72.

Moving on, firstly, I was mistaken yes, the assistant was not here to upload laws and I’ll correct that. Secondly, you didn’t know he was armed until you had already hardcritted him and stripsearched him. Hardcritting someone with a laser gun for stunning someone is massive overescalation, made worse by the fact that you just left him in his cell to die. He was up again because I ahealed him after he complained about you.

You also didn’t explain why you, a player with 100 hours, thought that someone who you had just downed by shooting eight odd times with a laser gun was stunned rather than in crit.

Perhaps i was overreacting, however i knew he was armed, because he shoved me and stole my gun when i was on the floor, not too long after the incident, but still the assistant was acting in a blandly antagonistic way during a war round

He clearly stated that he knew the person was armed from stealing a firearm from OP here. And for them to be acting so oddly and aggressive towards those in the AI law room. This is clear griefing from and almost certainly bad intent if he wanted the AI room and was willing to take it by force as a non-antag against other crew. Should this unnamed person had taken control of the situation. It genuinely sounds like you banned 12Oreos for protecting the entire station against a obvious griefer. Even as non-sec (which 12 Oreos recently clarified) he even tried to do the right thing and bring the suspect to the brig which was unfortunately hit.

This ban absolutely should be reversed. Also now we have to solve one more mystery did they lie in ahelp’s to you? Or did you assume / makup those details? Because one of those must be true and if they lied to you, why have you not taken action against them for this now that the truth has been revealed?

Has the truth been revealed?

He wasn’t sec. So what you’re saying is shooting someone into deep crit and leaving them to die for stunning you once with the AI turrets, simply because they stole your gun earlier, is perfectly alright?

“Act like an antag he treated like an antag”. That assistant deserved it.

Being shot to death for stunning someone once?