000xLynch and Halinder player reports

   CKEY: Shark-sie

   Your Discord: Happy_never_after#7540

   Offender’s CKEY: 000xLynch, Halinder

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Lynch Alucard, Morgan Burns

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11-21-2019

   Round Number: 9352

   Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3, 7

   Incident Description: These two players ganged up for some kind of vendetta against the borgs in this round. About halfway through the round, the AI starts freaking out and locking down their core because someone is breaking in. I head over with the captain, just to make sure he has backup, and the borgs also all conglomerate, and we find Lynch Alucard breaking into the back of the core. Lots of "you dumbass the AI has been helping us all round" later, he gives up and we disperse. Shuttle comes shortly after, and because Lynch couldnt get his way carding the AI, he then takes the issue up with the borgs. Captain, myself, and Good Boy and some other borg are locked into the cockpit of the shuttle. Cap has door bolted, doesnt want anyone getting in, and we are just chilling. Morgan Burns and Lynch Alucard begin tearing down the door, captain warns them several times to stop, then the borgs start putting up barriers and walls to delay them but dont take any action against the players. They ignore this, take out tools and fully break in, and without speaking Lynch begins fire-axing Good BoyV1. I respond to this with a shove and then laser-scalpel hits to the head. Morgan then wordlessly starts attacking me with the chaplains Moonblade, fully kills me, then heals Lynch alucard. The borgs were VERY helpful all round, as was the AI, this attack was uninstigated as far as anyone in the cockpit was concerned. Lynch and Morgan broke SEVERAL layers of barrier, and wordlessly attacked a borg together. This report was made at the request of LordGrievous to not further delay the round.

   Additional Information:

I grabbed logs before round end but would like some other admin opinions.

The mentions in the intial ticket are true. The cockpit contained a human captain, several borg, and I think some other misc. heads. Greytide alliance with fireaxe and moonblade starts smashing cockpit door, so the captain fires disablers. They reposition to the side so he can’t shoot them through the door. He warns them that if they breach the cockpit they will be harmed, so engiborg and peacekeeper borg construct metal walls and holobarriers, which are also fireaxed. Peacekeeper borg fires up the harm alarm but is eventually fireaxed by Lynch, Lynch is then Killed by OP, and OP is then killed by Morgan for, from his point of view in his ticket, defending rogue borgs. I briefly checked Morgans say logs and he did mention he thought the borgs were rogue several times but it was difficult to cut through the incredible salt in his bwoink to reach a timely resolution. The reasons given were that the borgs cloned known murderers and didn’t respond to some law 2 requests, but my initial thought is that those things are easily justified by simply not paying attention to the round; they were also cloning plenty of people who were not traitors. I don’t see a good reason to valid a player defending borgs that are defending Captain, HoP, and CE(at least, i think others were in cockpit as well.)

Logs are in discord for admins to review.

Good Boy V1 (soon to be changed to V3) here, Indeed it’s all as it’s described. i can add some info regarding this issue: when he was breaking into the core from an external wall on top of the AI sat we started asking questions about why he thought we were malf? And Lynch argument that he repeated two or three times was that the AI ‘‘shocked the doors’’ and ‘‘bolted doors when we were fighting blob’’ I have no idea where Lynch was when we were fighting the blob early on but i definetly didn’t saw him there, AI first opened the maint access for everybody to go there and fight the blob and then i personally bolted open all the maint doors that went into the blob direction for even a quicker access (It was on a super thight spot in abandoned bar, left of medbay on Meta station) and i had to come back and forth to grab people, getting repairs, and i never saw any electrified door so i have no idea where he was at that moment but at no point i saw the AI doing that.

Respecting ‘‘cloning the virologist that did a bad disease’’ i can say what i remember from chat since i wasn’t near medbay at that point but i recall hearing morgan(Damn why so many Morgans lately) over comms screaming that the AI is rogue or that the Engi borg is causing human harm, that he clonned the body of the virologist ‘‘traitor’’ that released a deadly virus (that he got lynched for) and from what i observed during that round was that the less active borg in the binary chat was the Engi one, althought he was super helpful in the blob battle, to be honest in my judgement i’m to guess that he wasn’t paying attention to chat when the viro outbreak/lynch happened and completely missed out and just grabbed a nearby body to help the med-borg with clonning since we were just finished fighting a blob and some classic dead people on the station (Early on the round i did saw the virologist with a Red disease on his body and told CMO about it, but the disease that was spread didn’t seem harmful at all, it was a green one with classic dumb symptoms and i didn’t saw anyone dying from it, althought i had no way to scan an infected so i leave the matter of wether the viro did it or deserved to be lynched to the logs) So yeah, all the accusation begun when the engi borg clonned the virologist and they ramped up until that point where lynch went to break into the ai core and eventually led to the murder of OP, and severy injuring me and the other two borgs that were in. The cockpit situation it’s perfectly described by Zanos.

Hello, I was told to check out the forums in game, so here I am.

I apologize, I made a misjudgment against the AI. I went to sec to take guns to stop nukies (yes people said there were nukies), then the blob during this round.

AI constantly bolted me in and prevented me from getting what I needed to fight the blob, additionally I saw the AI bolt other people in so I thought it was suspicious, especially during a blob round.

Combining this with a virologist who was spreading black skin virus that made people crave gold like a black rapper.

What happened at the shuttle round end was kinda chaotic, I still believed the AI was rogue and borg was somehow in on it, but with everyone around the borg and people shooting out of the door, I think it was Captain, I knew something was off.

All in all, I ended up carding the AI and finding out they weren’t malf.

If you carded the AI and they werent malf; why did you attack good boy? If you mean you carded the AI AFTER putting 2 borgs into crit, and killing at least one player, what makes you think those actions are OK after you’ve been told several times that the AI and borgs are not rogue?

I do not appreciate you misinterpreting my recount of the incident. You are saying that I carded the AI and are outraged at my actions, but you are simply making things up.

My recount of the happenings are more or less in chronological order, so when I said I carded the AI at the end, it was literally the very last action I did before round end before the shuttle arrived at Centcom at approximately 00:01 seconds on the console screen.

And I chucked it straight out the shuttle into space. Because the round had ended.

Once again, I did not get a chance to card the AI earlier in the round because none of you gave me the opportunity. It wasn’t until the shuttle that I finally had a chance because someone had brought the AI with them.

I didnt misinterpret anything. Finish reading my reply. How do you justify breaking into a room locked down by captain, attacking two borgs and full killing at least one player, to card an AI you werent certain was rogue? I do not appreciate you misinterpreting my reply to your post to avoid answering the question posed.

Your question was whether or not I knew the AI or borg were rogue, my answer as stated in my first reply is that I did not know until 00:01 before the shuttle arrived at Centcom and had no way of confirming the integrity of the AI, leaving me with no choice but to treat it as a potential threat.

Simply saying that “people have told you repeatedly that AI and borgs are not rogue” is simply heresy and such claims are absolutely unable to be substantiated in any way.

Simply being told AI and borgs are not rogue by random people over the radio and believing it without doing your due diligence does not rule out the possibility of subverted AI withholding and hiding certain laws and also does not rule out the possibility of rogue borgs being emagged and severed from the AI, especially when the AI has already been removed from their satellite and is not able to monitor everything, all the while keeping in mind of my perception of the AI being possibly subverted due to their suspicious behaviour throughout the round.