Zorban Brankovic and Petri Kosken Report

   Title: Zorban Brankovic and Petri Kosken Player Report

   Offender’s CKEYs: No Clue

   LRP or MRP server:MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Zorban Brankovic and Petri Kosken 

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY):27/01/2020

   Round Number:11920/11921?

   Rules Broken:Metagmaing, Powergaming, Murderboning

   Incident Description: So I was playing cargo tech, and this greytider chef comes in called Zorban Brankovic already covered in insuls gas mask holding a knife, etc. When asked what he was doing here he didn't respond at all and just kept attacking shit and standing still, it was then obvious that this other cargo tech called Petri Kosken was working with him probably over discord because they knew exactly what to do with each other without talking IG, I asked the chef guy to leave and that's when they both pulled kitchen knives on me and killed me, throwing me in a crate and spacing me ruining the entire round 3 minutes in. Later in the round the chef got arrested for trying to kill the Qm or something but got arrested, then without a word the cargo technician tried to help him and break him out. I mean this is supposed to be MRP and I know you is short on admins right now but come on.

   Additional Information: No admins on to enforce rules so these shitters will probably get away with it unless this post actually does something.

One of them got permabanned the other one banned for 3 days. They most likely metacommed since after one got permagulagged both of them disconected at the same time

Yes and no. The permagulagged person did not DC. I can’t prove meta comms so they were not both perma’d, only the one who disconnected, but the DC is rather suspicious.