Zoom9337 Admin Report

CKEY: Photoshoot

Offender’s CKEY: Zoom9337

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/26/2022

Round Number: 38942

Incident Description: I arrived as an assistant to the station, very late into the round. I was bored, so I just wandered around and eventually found a huge cluster of people in medical. Then, I saw bunch of DNA mutators and the gene pointing at them, so I took one and it was Space Adapt, I thought ‘nice’ and then wandered around, eventually ending up in genetics with the gene. I asked him for ‘strength’ (as in power) and he said ‘hulk?’ and I was like, sure! Hulk sounds cool. He gave me it, then I was like 'you know what, it’d be pretty funny if I got a bunch of genes so I went over the max limit and exploded in the middle of talking to someone, and told the gene as much then asked for chameleon and telekinesis, so even if I didn’t explode I could lie down on the floor to move around stuff like a ghost while invisible. But then I realized, no, I wasn’t going to die from this, and then also realized I looked insanely powerful visually, with an aura coming from my head and body, green skin, and invisibility partially, so I wandered to xenobio to get a renaming potion to call myself ‘God’ and act like I’m all powerful and shit. Asked for permission, got it, cool. Then since the xenobioloist was chill, there was adamantite slimes in sight so we crossbreeded adamantite armour (looks sick, giant armour in dark blue) so I could look even cooler. If I was ‘powergaming’, why would I get adamantite armour as hulk, something that slows me down immensely making me vulnerable to ranged attacks I can’t counter or dodge? Anyhow, when I was ambling about saying I was ‘God’ and ‘The Holy Lord’ I got bwoinked, and questioned a bunch. Every single time I attempted to explain myself, further questions weren’t really asked at all, and it just seemed like, from the first message, Zoom had their mind made up, to the point of asking ‘what the hell do you think you’re doing?’. I told him my thought process, how I was just chilling and not really doing anything, to the point of actively ignoring fights in the shuttle going on around me where any powergamer would have a field day murderizing the simplemobs killing people. In the middle of finishing my explanation, I was banned, and when I checked my ban list it was radically incorrect. I never even got insulated, never was a jellyperson. As well, my ‘history not being up to snuff’ doesn’t really make sense, given I don’t believe I have any prior notes of powergaming nor any bans that were not false (banned by Bloons3 by mistake and subsequently appealed). I’d like to say NOBODY was validhunted at all, and I had pleasant interactions with multiple people in xenobio and in the hallways, with one person going on a tirade trying to get me to ‘grand them wishes’ and throw myself into the slime pens to prove I was immortal, and generally just RPing instead of doing any powergamey stuff. Given that I explicitly stated to Zoom that I wasn’t intending on doing anytyhing other then RPing using the stuff, as well as proving that with my behaviour, I think a powergaming ban is radically incorrect, and with the false information detailed in the ban it makes me look much worse then I am.

Additional Information:


If you’re wanting to contest a ban then you should make a ban appeal instead of a staff report.

What part of our policy are you accusing them of breaking exactly? You seem to have left that part out of the report.

Sorry chief, although this is a roleplay gimmick of sorts, it’s LRP (in my opinion) and that’s probably why you were banned. I’d recommend more grounded gimmicks and/or clown to be honest. How long were you banned for?


The ban was just for a day, I don’t really need to contest it since it’s probably already over, just pointing out the obvious flaws in Zoom9337’s admining that I saw. For one, the ban reason was poorly researched and flat out incorrect in some parts, and in general the banning admin seemed to have little interest in hearing me out.

This kind of thinking reminds me of younger me here. Bad things happen sometimes. Sometimes you get banned, and the reason being technically incorrect is not a reason to get frustrated. These people generally know what they’re doing, and as you yourself admitted, a one day ban is not something to fuss over. This was how I acted, how I thought when I was younger and while you aren’t objectively wrong, you are wrong subject to the rules of the server you’re playing on. Take the admins’ advice to heart when you get banned, and promise yourself to never do it again.

I personally would also recommend you take a step back from the game, maybe for a week, to re-orient yourself. It’ll help you see things more plainly and generally help you stop yourself from “sorta kinda” breaking the rules in the future. As for this report, I’d recommend dropping it. Even though you were just vibing, the end of discussion is that you had all these mutators and armor, and other things, which is indeed against the rules, and that is what the admin saw.

I’m sorry to say there’s no good LRP server for folks like us, so in order to stay here, the main thing is to follow the server’s rules over what’s allowed within yours. Good luck.


Gonna be honest, while I appreciate the advice, when you say ‘younger’ instead of ‘newer’ (i assume you mean newer to the server/ss13 in general) it comes out condescending when you’re attempting to give a heart to heart. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t said it repeatedly

On the appeal note, as I said, the reason isn’t anything about the ban (i can see why this would be labeled powergaming, and it was a lax response), it’s more about how the ban reason has multiple additional offenses that I didn’t do, and doesn’t reflect the situation adequately, along with general (while not incorrect) subpar ticket conduct imo. the only reason im even upset is that, as the banning admin stated, prior history plays a big role into future bans

Thanks for the perspective, and I appreciate your take, even if I don’t agree 100%

then again, i normally play on LRP where the rules are more flexible, even if they have similar writing and the admins are more lax, so you’re probably right and I just can’t see it


I… don’t even know what to say, you’ve literally powergamed both genetics and xenobiology items as an assistant because you were “bored”?
Do I even have to mention how LRP naming yourself “God” is?
Additionally, you pretty much admitted to doing everything stated in the ban reason here.

You definitely deserved the ban.

This still isn’t an excuse to powergame at all. Being bored also isn’t an excuse to powergame.

You additionally failed to fill out the staff report form correctly.

Report rejected.