Zoom9337 Admin/Mentor Report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Mashedpotatoes2001

Your Discord: Domestic Waste#0203

Offender’s CKEY: Zoom9337

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): NA

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/20/2022

Round Number: 38838

Rules Broken (if relevant): Reportedly rule 6

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): NA

Incident Description: The ai made a joke about the captains mother being fat and I said I would like to sleep with her because captains mom joke. While this may have been too mrp for the server It by no means constitute ERP or a violation of rule 6. I also joked about redistributing estrogen to the population to femboy the station, again maybe too far but in no way a violation of rule 6. I am non-binary myself and it was clearly not derogatory. I was playing VIP on a rev round so I made jokes, maybe a warning letting me know they were too far is fair. But a permanent ban, not even for appeal? That seems overly heavy handed. Inform me better of RP standards and I will adhere to them. Early in the round the same admin bwoinked me for jokingly requesting nuke codes to bomb the peasants (I was playing a trust fund kid with a disdain for the poor) and I apologized profusely and fixed my conduct after, clearly demonstrating my ability to listen. I just don’t understand why I am permanently banned for jokes on a gimmick role with no warning. Nobody had their round negatively impacted, and the ai had literally made a “captains mom is fat” joke 2 seconds prior.

Additional Information:

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In the interest of disclosure apparently I used the term mommy instead of mom which I will admit is a little out pocket. I don’t remember using that wording but I can’t outright deny it because I don’t remember and y’all have the logs. still, a single vowel shouldn’t be the difference between a warning and a perma.

You’d have been better off writing a ban appeal instead of a staff report.

This is very much relevant.
What part of admin conduct are you accusing them of breaking?

I was told to do both by several community members. I disagree with the ruling that A: it was a violation of rule 6 because there was no sexual intention and B: it warranted a perma. And again I don’t recall or believe I used mommy but I can’t outright deny it because I don’t have the log. If you don’t think this helps I can just delete it if you prefer.

As someone rightfully pointed out on the appeal no one is getting off on a bad captains mom joke over the radio. As far as I know that pretty much eliminates rule 6 as there was no role play and nothing erotic.