ZmagarusA banned by Bastian0930 sequel to the saga

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
I was playing only on low rp
Ban Type:
Sticky ban
Ban Length:
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2019-11-09 14:50
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Ban evading a 2 day ban
Appeal Reason:
I understand why I was sticky banned, which was because I tried to evade a ban, but seriously, the ban was 2 days long and as noted in my previous post, was about to end in like a few hours and I got it for my own stupid mistake, where I killed some innocent dude because I thought he was a ling (uh yeah, this happend for some reason, im dumb)

And I also understand that receiving even small bans doesn’t give you a reason to ban evade, which I understand and do respect anyway

But I tried to ban evade because 1st. I didn’t know that it was permabannable 2st. The ban was about to end in like a few hours, and I really wanted to play (yeah not a reason too)

Also I wrote like an entire essay on this because from my point it’s really wrong, and I didn’t do anything that deserves permaban other than ban evading, which from my point of view should be lifted (not saying it really should be, it’s up to admins to decide, but still)

But I got misunderstood and still nobody agreed with me, also I thought that I was worse than griefer/some asshole that doesn’t let other people play (by ban length and it not getting lifted), which of course pissed me off so I started to argue with admins, who again said that I’m “wrong” (again, from my point im not, but from yours I guess yes), then I went to discord and said some rude words to admin who banned me but that’s just because I thought I got banned permanetly without a possibility of getting appealed (since my first appeal with a huge ass text got denied, lol, I’ve literally put a piece of my soul into it) and then left even from there
Additional Information:

I’m not a griefer, nor I even intended to grief, since I’m one of those people who respect other people and their right to have a good time, and if you look at my bans, I got 1 OOC ban for hour (my mistake tbh, didn’t know) then that dumb situation with a guy that I killed (and even there I also didn’t know that I couldn’t leave before so called “bwoink”, I was really tired and had nothing to do at the moment so I decided to leave, although I DID feel bad for the dude, but I couldn’t do anything)

And then I tried to ban evade and got a warning from Piterskiy that if I tried that a second time, I would get sticky banned for real, so then I dropped the idea and didn’t try that again and just waited for a 2 day ban to get lifted, so then I started playing again

Then later got bwoinked by Bastian0930, he asked me who’s my alt and then instantly permbanned me (I guess you can’t get warnings for sticky banning, although I really knew I deserved one and I didn’t want to try that second time since I would get a well deserved sticky ban, but nevertheless I still got it)

I understand my mistakes and I’ve learnt from them, but I felt really bad, frustrated and literally judged as some fucking dumbass from my first appeal getting rejected, although I invested alot of time trying to prove myself right. 17 days have passed since then…

Could I please get unbanned? I was really enjoying the server and I don’t even want to play on other servers, also I got banned because of my own stupid mistakes and I promise not to repeat them again.

Also all of my suffering (XD) could’ve been avoided since Piterskiy gave me a warning for trying to ban evade, and I didn’t try to ban evade second time, but again still got banned by Bastian0930 for even trying to do that once

so I would just play normally if Bastian0930 didn’t ban me, at my opinion sticky bans are too much for people who just tried to ban evade first time, if they do it second time then it’s well deserved, since they’re well informed and they know what they’re doing too, so your rules are way too strict on this one, especially when someone besides me can get vpn/make an alt and try to avoid a few days ban and then have to go through like 2 appeals before they can even get unbanned

especially if you even decide to unban me, since when I was writing this I don’t even know if I will get unbanned, but at my opinion the perm ban is unjust and I don’t deserve it, so I’m asking to get unbanned

Denied simply because he said 2st


Doesn’t even matter that I understand that I did a bad thing (aka trying to ban evade a 2 day ban) and I understand what I got punished for?

Well from your point I have to not get unbanned and stay banned permanently because I said this one thing (again I said it’s not even a reason for getting unbanned, I’m talking about other reasons)

Not to offend you, but did you read past this point? Again no offense, but you’re taking a thing out of context and it’s much easier to say something like “denied because he tried to ban evade only because he wanted to play!! what a cunt, really deserves his ban, ruled out, thread closed” instead of reading this thing throughout and atleast getting to see things from my perspective

I’m literally saying that I understood what I did wrong, I feel sorry for this and saying sorry for the shit I said because I got really frustrated and triggered, and I promise not to do that second time, since then the ban will actually be fair.

That’s why I’m asking to get unbanned.

What else do I have to do? (that’s literally all I can do in this situation)

Also you were the one who told me to reappeal later, but now you’re telling me to fuck off because I said that one exact thing?

Man I’m a mentor and making fun of your spelling. Chill out, I cant deny your appeal. Wait for bastian to reply

Oh my bad, but I just already got used to getting shitted on from my experience with the first appeal
also yeah 2nd* but I wrote 2st because I’m really tired XD

Fuck it, I’ll give ye a chance. Evaders usually just evade again, instead of appealing. I’ll unban and see where it goes. Also

it’s quite a bit harder then that to evade. Trust me, I’m the one who S E E S A L L.

I’ll trust you, also thanks for unbanning me, if I try ban evading second time (which I’m not going to, it’s not worth it and now I really know that it’s punishable with perma, also it’s just better to not get bans or just wait till they’re over) then I’ll really deserve the ban

Have a good day, sir, thanks

Oh shit I gotta unstickyban you just remembered that. I’ll get another admeme ti