Zinuko banned by Haliris Appeal

CKEY: Zinuko

Admin’s CKEY: Haliris

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both servers

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 17/03/2022

Round ID: #31082

Ban Reason: Ban reason states self antag by detonating a TTV on station for no apparent reason.

Appeal Reason: I did cause damage to the station with the TTV however it was due to me not checking the toxin bomb site, Im not sure if this can be checked but I placed the bomb in the Massdriver and launched it and waited to detonate but without checking the bomb it must of got stuck by the station, which subsequently nearly killed me but only did damage to the toxin testing room and the one above. It was an honest mistake on my part but I can assure you it wasnt any type of self antag, I did play for a while after this but it seems it was addressed while I was logged out and thus have been banned.

Additional Information: Again not sure if this can be checked but I did very much try to launch it out of the station but as I now know once its been used thats a bad idea.

The thing is “the one above”(room) is the Explorers Room, i was there with Dallas discussing our next mission when our ship blew up to smithereens(besides almost dying) effectively ruining the round for the three of us since we tried to repair the ship for around 35-40 minutes with the help of an engiborg and we couldn’t make it work in the end

I made the Ahelp because when i was looking for a tank for the ship i saw you(injured) with another TTV in your hands, which you dropped, as i chased you away into a sec member, it was kinda suspicious since you were wearing an atmos tech outfit (with science ID) and you were with a third TTV(that was placed on the max driver) i also asked the scientist who was working on toxins and they said they saw you messing with the mixes.

Could’ve be an honest mistake, but that third TTV made me think you were going to finish us up
Ah and it’s ideally better if you swap your job cloths when getting reassigned

That’s all i gotta add.

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Ahh you were the explorer, yeah I did make 2, but both together at the same time again both were going to be yeeted, I was deafened after the first blast and only heard you speaking to me in medbay, sec didnt come after either I just went to medbay and healed up and you can attest that it wasnt directed at the station, just the shockwave very much so hit it. Its also why I was shocked at the ban aside from you accusing me of trying to blow up the station there was no issue at all not even with sec, was just a result of me being an idiot. I mean nothing else thereafter was me being an antag but I am to blame for the damage for sure.

I handled the ticket and Crossed gave the auth for the ban. I noticed in the logs that the detonation had happened in space, but I couldn’t get more info than that. I only had what was reported, which was you apparently destroying the explo shuttle and griefing them. So you being disconnected and the end of the round having been delayed kind of forced us to send you to the forums so we could get an explanation.

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Ahh I see, this is why I was confused as I carried on with the round and also im fairly sure I played the round after this too, so I was a bit confused with the ban when I tried to play the next day, but it makes sense now just not sure where to go from here, it seems it all stemmed from the ahelp from the person who posted previously and from their message it seems they are convinced I was trying to grief them, this isn’t even remotely the case, all I can say is I sent the TTV into space and waited, so it clearly got stuck on something and thus caused damage to the toxins testing and the explo shuttle. There was no intention to self antag or grief at all

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Given that this seems to have been a basic misunderstanding and you seem genuine in your appeal, we’ve decided to lift the ban. I think 2-days is enough of a punishment for what happened.

You should be able to connect again.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.