Ziagfu Banned by WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

CKEY: Ziagfu

Admin’s CKEY: WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP only

Ban Type: Game Ban

Ban Length: 3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02-16-2020

Round ID: 12588

Ban Reason: Killed an Assistant for breaking into Science.

Appeal Reason: 1: The person in question was not an assistant. The person in question was a chemist Tyrone. 2: The B&E was consistant and aggressive.
Start - Came back to robotics to print off a BoH for a miner, found the window broken by Tyrone, ejected tyrone out the window with aggressive grab and throw. Proceeded to rebuild the window. While rebuilding the window, Tyrone took the shaft miner’s Kinetic Crusher and went to attack me with it as I was building the grill. When the grill was built, the shaft miner shoved tyrone down to remove him from the area non-aggressively while I attempted to lock down science (No accsess to the button due to being roboticist). Tyrone then returned to Science and wirecut the grill before I could finish applying the glass and immediately went to start attacking myself. The Shaft miner came in and aided me against the repeated and then aggressive access violation into self antagonization. He was attacked until he ceased moving and removed from science area while I attended to fixing the glass and printing off the BoH for the first miner, then the CE. I went to grab Tyrone there-after, was distracted by grabbing advanced tools from the CE, letting a shaft miner into robotics for self printed upgrades. I then went to medbay, when bwoinked about why I killed him It was spoken why he was killed, aggressive invasion of the workspace, which led to this action of self defence. At that time, I placed tyrone by the cloner and went to grab the tools to compelte the auto-doc for people to upgrade themselves with job appropriate implants.

Additional Information: When I was banned, I Was in the middle of sending an ahelp, that ahelp precisely was “Pinkie Velvet has invaded Robotics as a security officer without access and is forcing themselves upon robotics without request or approval for powergaming implants, claiming a shove was assault while they themselves were trespassing.”

He breaks in once, gets thrown out, before returning and doing this to you:

[2020-02-16 20:11:07.194] ATTACK: Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has attempted to punch Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 100) (Research and Development (110, 101, 2))
[2020-02-16 20:11:09.359] ATTACK: Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has attempted to punch Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 100) (Research and Development (110, 101, 2))
[2020-02-16 20:11:10.260] ATTACK: Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has attempted to punch Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 100) (Research and Development (110, 101, 2))
Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has punched Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 94) (Research and Development (110, 101, 2))
ATTACK: Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has kicked Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 92.5) (Research and Development (113, 100, 2))
Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has kicked Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 91.4) (Research and Development (113, 99, 2))
ATTACK: Daddymaterial/(Tyrone Watermelon) has punched Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) (NEWHP: 83.4) (Research and Development (113, 100, 2))

For which you decide to beat them to death with a Proto-Kinetic Crusher.

I don’t know why you think that’s a reasonable response.

Like I said, B&E with aggression, he had the PKC beneath him, which is why I believed he tried to hit me with it. Do note that he continued to B&E after I had finished the grill as well as attack me AGAIN in science for busting him out. He was attacked with a PKC after that because it’s that, or beat him over the head with a BSRPED. When someone aggressively invades, they get beat down.

I view it as a reasonable response when people are repeatedly attempting to violently invade your work space like it’s an LRP server. A reminder that I AHelped the behavior between the first attack while I was building the grill, and there was no repercussions notable for his LRP behavior.

The dude breaks in, gets thrown out, breaks in AGAIN and ATTACKS, and Ziagfu kicks his dick in. Thats literally valid escalation. Sir?

IF they go completely hostile (Attacking first and non-stop), they use a weapon or come back to your workplace for a 3rd time (or with a weapon such as a baseball bat), you may validly kill them.

…the guy that got killed literally went hostile.
per the rules it was valid.

Sounds like he did attack first and non-stop.

I checked and double checked and the logs above are the only instances of Daddymaterial. He didn’t attack Ziagfu beforehand, and he didn’t attack at all during the PKC smackdown.

[2020-02-16 18:55:23.141] ATTACK: Ziagfu/(Xarnata Daemos) has thrown the flash (Robotics Lab (115, 82, 2))

Plus Ziagfu had a flash.

I’ve asked Xlyana for their thoughts and they’ve said they’ll look at it as to if that should count as first and nonstop

Dude threw six punches. Pretty sure if someone swings at you six times you kick their ass.

I would like to add, I am a roboticist and the flash was part of my equipment. However a thing to note: Throwing the flash at 18:55:23 was long before 20:11:07. Honestly I don’t tend to carry flashes outside of robotics/science area in fear of people power gaming with them or revs getting ahold of them. If I had a flash, I would have flashed him instead of having to resorting to attacking.

I would also like to add that I threw no punches to show a complete disinterest in the combat while building the grill, and having him wire cut his way in again counts as a third time of invading a workspace.

In his bag was an unsecured chemical grenade (No clue what was in it if anything) and a telescopic baton (You can see me pull it out of his bag with a jeer, as I was looking for signs of being a traitor) Now the chemical grenade is something from his work space, but I highly doubt he was simply given a telescopic baton.

Fair. Since everyone else seems to agree with you, unbean time.