Zeskorion banned by Aeder1

CKEY: Zeskorion

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP server, I can’t be bothered with fancyass names

Ban Type: server

Ban Length: 7 days

Ban Date : 7/ 29/ 20

Round ID: ban applied during round 19184, incident during 18258

Ban Reason: “result of player report” (Eyre I Player Report)

Appeal Reason:
twenty days month after a player report was filed, about me killing a bloodied dude who was running around with a fireaxe after there had been several reports about an axe murderer on comms, with no prior notes as to a non-offense or offense similar to this one, i get a full week ban out of the blue. dammit, aeder.

Especially since the murderer was accused of being a ling, which have multiple nasty tricks that make any form of nonlethal containment a risk I aint willing to take.

Additional Information:
if you carry a murderer’s fire axe, covered in blood and wearing the same sec helmet the murderer was, and you get valid’d, it’s your own damn fault.

also where the fuck did the forum alert channel on discord go

Several points here.

  • That’s five days.
  • The offence is still relevant, only in rediculous cases of many many months would it be unreasonable, it’s still recent.
  • You noticed over half way through the ban, showing that you don’t even log in enough for it to be a huge issue for you.
  • Council, Mentors and Admins are held to a higher standard than other players.
  • You fell for the classic day 1 blunder of

*A simple “Sup?” Coulda helped avoid the death, peanutting, then cremating of a player that you didn’t even know was a ling as your say logs show in the player report. Essentially meaning you just ganked a crew which would’ve very easily been proven, had you not cremated them.

Woulda been a lot less without the cremation, or with confirmation steps, or anything in the say logs to show that you actually thought they were a ling.

muh hearsay

hearing screaming reports of HELP I’M BEING KILLED WITH AN AXE from multiple people is a bit more than hearsay. Hearsay is shit like “yeah bro I think john goldsmith might be a ling”


first off, i didn’t cremate him. I cut his limbs off so that if he regenned he couldn’t attack, and left to do whatever i was busy with. if the fuck was cremated layer, someone else did it

“bro just talk to him”

yeah, i see a guy with a fireaxe in a vulnerable position he’s not gonna be in in like two seconds, let’s waste my time typing out a message. If only there were time to talk in ss13. One of the game’s greatest flaws is you cannot fight and talk at the same time, and here is no exception. If he was what i thought he was and i took time to talk, i would not have been able to kill him.

higher standard

if that were the case, i wonder why the shitters in our mentor lists dont get banned more than they do, and I’ve never once seen an active admin banned.

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This shouldnt make people have longer bans

Council, Mentors and Admins are held to a higher standard than other players.

I mean, zesko is a maintainer not council, mentor or admin, but I guess the point is still valid

I’ve never once seen an active admin banned.

Admins usually dont break the rules as much, and get admin notes / strikes instead of bans due to their partial ban immunity.

Anyway, as for the ban itself you killed someone over hearsay and it wasnt the right person, which is the exact reason its banned for hearsay. Cremating shouldnt really matter if he thought it was a ling, since you have to cremate lungs, so the ban should be only for killing them off of hearsay

and you get valid’d, it’s your own damn fault.

The only things that make you valid on MRP are admins, blood contract, killing Ian and shadowshrooms. Over than that, MRP doesn’t operate on valid and validhunting. (We wouldnt have it all but council made some thing valid on both servers for some reason)

Nevermind zesk is council aeder just reminded me :flushed:

MRP doesn’t allow validhunting, but as long as you can kill players, the term “Valid” will exist. Being an antag, for example, makes you valid. Appearing to be an antag does the same. As far as i am aware, Validity was never removed from MRP, nor should it be


You didn’t have to, taking him to crit woulda been fine.

You did no checks and permanently took a player out of the round over hearsay.

Denied in my opinion, leaving open for other inputs.

You aren’t allowed to just hunt down the antagonists outside of where you are security or threats that are against you (you may act in self defence, or hunt down delta level threats like nuke ops), but this wasnt in self defence and they didnt really pose a threat to you if they weren’t murderboning

Me saying “there are reports of lings, he may be one” is me saying, in character “there are reports of lings. any axe murderers this round are probably changelings. he should be treated like one”. A ling can be healed out of crit

what checks? I’m a fucking virologist who saw a guy taking a shower to wash the blood off from what i assumed to be innocent victims, so i shoved him. I had no way of restraining him after critting

They in fact were taking a shower in the public part of medbay at the time, after they came there to get healed.

Then sure take a limb or a few, but then be mindful you are responsible for what could be, and was in this case, a genuine crewmember.

False. You are allowed to kill a valid antagonist, but you arent allowed to hunt them down. I saw him taking a shower, while he was vulnerable.

If he was an antag, i would not have been banned here, correct? In the exact same circumstances?

a player who appears to be an antag is, both by design and by rules, to be treated as an antag, and is similarly valid.

Mate, you posted the logs, and i know you know for a fact it’s quite hard to get a lynch mob to just stop hitting the guy once he gets to crit.

That misquoting the commonly used phrase of *act like an antag get treated like one. Showering is not really antagging.

Sure, but this is the mob that was kicked off by your actions. Again, if you aim to put a player in a position that can take them out of the round you should either make sure they are an antag, alternatively provide secondary actions such as cloning, borging, so on.

Not essentially true again. The main logic here that I know you know here is that if they were an antag, they would of not ahelped it. However it would still of been against the rules. Just because someone doesn’t call you out on a rulebreak doesn’t mean its all guchi.

Self-antagging includes (but is not limited to) damaging the station, attacking other players without reason, and subverting the established chain of command as a non-antagonist role. You need a reason justified by roleplay to cause harm to others.

You may defend yourself against others, but avoid escalating the situation.

As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.

Bolded part potentially applies - he had solid reason to suspect the guy, but taking matters straight into your own hands and removing the player from the round on that alone is not cool.

It only would have made proving the kill was based on hearsay alone a lot harder, but yes you should be for the other two rules shown above.

Your only method of restraint may have been severing limbs, that’s fine; Leaving someone you only suspected and had no proof of Antag to bleed out is a problem.

If he was an antag there would have been no player report, so realistically you probably would have gotten away with it, but technically it would have been punishable but considered more minor

lemme put my reason down in detail

-I am a virologist, employed on a space station. There have, this shift, been multiple casualties from a violent axe murderer. There have been no reports as to his apprehension. I have seen a man in a grey jumpsuit run down the hall with a sec helmet and a fireaxe.

-There have been multiple reports of changelings this shift as well, which is further cause for alarm, especially cuz axeguy can change identity

-On my way back to virology, I see a man in a bloodstained chem uniform, with a sec helmet and a bloodstained fireaxe, in a shower. I know I can shove him down in this split second, take his fireaxe, and probably put an end to his reign of terror, and that leaving him alive puts others in danger

-So i shove him down, take his fireaxe, and stab the fuck to death. The lynchmob agrees.

-I have assured my safety for this shift, hide the fireaxe in a locker because i dont want to carry it around, and go back to my work. I have not sought this fucker out, I simply took a golden opportunity.

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This is still a kill on hearsay with no effort to validate the claim he was a ling. There is not much of a case here to me.

Had you taken the body or done anything to verify the person was a ling, there would not be a ban - it would no longer be acting on hearsay and you would have realized the mistake.

For example in a round literally earlier this evening I was a detective, someone brought a ling into brig on hearsay. I talked for ages with him and he told me to do checks. Me being a dumbshit I can’t remember even how as I never play anymore, he said do anything. I confirmed this with him then I shot him 15 times in the head.

I stayed with him for a long time making sure he didn’t revive and then skipped the shuttle that docked, and died myself trying to get this man into an MRI and borg ( due to some shitter @anon68259950 plasmaflooding it ) , because I already checked cloning and that was fucked.

I don’t want a medal for it or anything, just this is the kind of thing you should be doing when you take a player out permanently without doing any real checks.

That has gotta be the worst defence I have ever heard in my life man.

A round lasts about 40-90 minutes. If someone is an active threat to me, it is both in and out of character a good idea to eliminate them

This was a mistake, but an easily justifiable one that happened with a genuine misunderstanding, and is not worth any more than a note, let alone a seven-day ban.