Zeroprimal Player Feedback

Hi! I play as Likes-The-Slimes on the lrp server.If you have heard of me its probably because of the golem armies that i sometimes make on the station (golem gang best gang).
I like playing science since i can do cool stuff there but sometimes i like playing as a botanist,cook or as a cargonian.
I am a chill person so if you meet me in game dont be afraid to come and say hi!
PS: golem gang best gang

Probably the most proficient xenobiologist on the server, and a very chill person to boot.

For each golem gang, the round was delayed by 30 minutes because somebody triggered them.

Do you give robo hyper yellows?
Do you give botnis gratfruit?
If yes then you are an exception to the rule that “nothing good ever comes out of xenobio”

If no then we’ll it’s a slime man please do make hyper yellows every borg and mech will love you

When i was first learning xenobio, how quickly you moved blew my mind. goddamned lizards showing up us mammals. +1