Zane Blake player feedback

Mainly atmos tech, though I like to experiment with new roles often, most recently dabbling into mining/security/science/chemistry again. Usually on LRP but can be found on MRP sometimes nowadays.

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I used to follow you around a lot, then you became an admin and I didn’t see you as much anymore. Then I became a pAI and would mostly stick with my downloader but you were always extremely nice when I would hang out with you, you taught me how to set up the SM, even if i did forget a couple hours later, and are always fun to be around!

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Extremely immature, when faced with an IC problem started throwing things and calling people retards

Wait is this the VictorPride that claimed “secs job is to valid hunt”? I avoid Zane Blake as much as possible. I play security a lot and hes always obviously valid hunting and power gaming.

That is security’s job.

Either way, Zane’s a good boi. :+1:

Not true, valid hunting is against the rules. Security or no.

security are allowed to validhunt

Really where in the rules does it say this?

it’s not on the rules page
it might be in the council rulings page, but you can just ask any admin
security’s job is to validhunt

No that is patently false, there are no rulings stating that security can valid hunt.

Its also one of the big reasons beestation has a major shitcurity problem, all of security thinks they are powergaming valid hunters when that is not their job description.

it’s not on the rules page
it might be in the council rulings page, but you can just ask any admin
security’s job is to validhunt

Everett Garrison literally plays captain all the time, it’s sad that on MRP some on can actually think that with a straight face. Should be outright job banned from heads from that post alone.

Attention! Security level elevated to blue:
The station has received reliable information about possible hostile activity on the station. Security staff may have weapons visible, random searches are permitted.


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wait can sec do random searches on code blue or is it code red only

What does the quote say?

Don’t bother arguing with the admins here, they all lick Victor Pride’s asshole every chance they get.

Oh no, I dislike this person and yet they’re still not banned, must be buttbuddies with admemes!! <- You right now :flushed:

sucks, if you make a player feedback on yourself you instantly suck, your e-cock is small you suck.

just going to note; sec is not allowed to valid hunt, they are allowed to arrest criminals. minor difference but hey.

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refused to step down as acting hos when I, the actual HoS arrived, attacked (stuncuffed) me after I demoted him, strangled me in the cell when I arrested him for stunciffing me, later when he arrested someone for just having a bat (and that’s it, with no prior convictions so I was going to let the guy go) hit me with the bat “because (I) said it wasn’t a weapon” which was untrue. Lied constantly when getting arrested.

Ahelped me and alfred when we killed him after he, as a changeling, headslugged because we ruined his antag round :100:

Also shitty sleeping carp PR