Zams muted from 6-hour-messages

Your Discord: zams#1763

Offender’s Discord: Crossedfall#1001

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): it’s against conduct to mute/ban/etc people for no offense, right?

Incident Description: Crossedfall has muted me from the 6 hour messages channel on the discord, without any rules broken. This is unbecoming conduct of a server host, and needs to be fixed.

This is the post in question, about when the incident happened.

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As this is a report of our highest instance, theres only one person that can handle this.
I shall asign them.

That said, while not explicitly stated in the discord rules, admins (and espechaly hosts) may take any administrative action they feel needed.
I dont know what went down but unless its a joke there is probabbly a verry good reason for this.

Post your funniest original meme. It’s the only way for you to get back into 6-hour-messages


My reposting is in and of itself a meme. Even now, more and more is becoming reposted on that channel. The meme- under the truest terminology, that cultural allele, has caught on

even so, here you go.



if you want a meme that panders to the audience of yourself, instead of being intentionally tailored to make you cringe, you have to ask.

If your meme gets 10 likes I’ll lift the channel mute. It’s in the hands of the community now.


Come on guys we got this, lets save our guy

barely gave a nose exhale to the meme but gave a vote to free our guy. Being banned or muted from the discord is a fate I would not wish on my worst enemy


I still don’t understand the joke of the original meme.

Get better jokes, and sure I will free you.

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what original meme

The one crossed replied to before yeeting you from 6 hour messages

In the link

if someone sent the original meme from the discord for us non-discord folk that would be very appreciated thank you <3

oh i dont know i was just reposting whatever. the meme was the meta-humor of reposting everything, not the posts itself


Well, this has categorically proven that our community has a weak meme game. But, a deals a deal.