Zack24 perma jobanned by KraiZeral

CKEY: Zack24

Admin’s CKEY: KraiZeral

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: MRP only.

Ban Type: Jobban

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): (06-23-2019) 09:53:17

Round ID: 5010

Ban Reason: Banned from Roles: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Security Officer permanently - Mass murdered as detective then DC’d after.

Appeal Reason: The only thing I’ve killed in that round was a scientist in front of the brig that was a luminescent, vomiting hostile mobs with a golden extract, they vomited a blobbernaut then i disposed both of them.

Additional Information: I knew it was a golden extract effect by looking at the wiki and code (user.visible_message("[user] spits out [S]!") I also did not immediately disconnect afterwards because i was sitting in the detective office for a good 15 minutes.

Tip: If you want the roundid go to beestation bans and search your CKEY up

Round id 5010


Frankly it’s impressive you remember this. None of us do and we also don’t have logs dating that far back at this point so the round ID is kind of irrelevant

On to the ban though: It’s for your first offense as far as I can see, so I’m a little surprised you got a permanent ban for it… However you also really haven’t played the server at all recently. (Last connection in October, for a single round, and most recent connection before that is in February)

Is security the only department you’re interested in playing?

It has been over a year since the ban that quite a lot of time.

It’s only a job ban though, not a full server ban.

Yea but I’m saying 18 months is a long time, he probably has gotten better other wise he wouldn’t have appealed.

Most likely, I’m not denying him or anything, I’m just asking why he wants to appeal a ban on a server he doesn’t even have interest in playing.

Players that are only interested in playing if they’re in a position of power kinda raise some eyebrows.

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i think you’re reading too much into it, i think its a simple as

-> join server

-> like playing security

-> play security on that server

-> can no longer play security on that server

-> move to server where you can play security

perhaps they just dont care what server they’re playing on, just what job they’re playing

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Sure, maybe that’s the case. My point is the guy is jobbanned for straight up grief. He is still able to play the server and chooses not to because he can’t be security.

While it’s their only ban on record, the ban is still for blatant grief. It’s kind of concerning when someone who’s only known for grief is only interested in playing if they can play security, isn’t it?


I’m not hardline opposed to lifting the ban, I’m just asking questions.

if the point you’re making is that they only want a position of power so they could grief, it doesn’t make sense, because security isn’t the only position of power where griefing is possible. head of personnel, CMO, maybe even engineer and atmos if you’re just griefing. if they were truly hellbent on griefing, they wouldn’t only do it on one role

im just addressing what you’re saying im not saying you’re opposed to lifting the ban or something

and if you’re saying he’s not playing because he can’t play security, then just refer to my previous post as to why somebody would do that

Can you pull logs from that far back? Because he said he only killed one person and dced after 15 mins.

No, we don’t have logs dating before January first of this year.

I mostly stopped playing tg or bee and went to TGMC the Xeno VS marine CM codebase,
but they added “CC Galactic ban DB” Which lets them see bans from other servers.

Mostly doing this so the note is gone, since once i actually got banned for 2 weeks i just stopped playing since classes came back for me at that time.

I do not have plans to play beestation at all in the future but if my ban is gonna cause future administration from different servers to judge me then i’d rather have this cleared up.

I’d show a picture but i can’t post links or pictures.

Just for reference Centcom stores all bans, not just active bans. It won’t be listed as “Permanent” any more, it’ll instead have the timestamp for when you were unbanned.

All hail the SS13 police state.


Changing baba reason change it in the database? Set It to APPEALED like we do

It’s been 18 months, and it’s Christmas. Don’t do this again and we’re cool.