yyzsong/Camryn Hynes feedback

I play felinid
now insult me

eddit: I am adminhelp on discord.

i think i saw you in a round once

you were ok i guess i think

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Whenver an admin answers your ratvar prayers it’s probably me

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funny discord man 2020

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you can be very antifun at times

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I think it was you that I bamboozled into exiling themselves as Quartermaster while I was playing comms agent. Was great, 10/10 would do again.

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funny discord man did the funny yesterday

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imagine getting baited so hard you get muted

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Mixed bag. Will get miners cool shit at any cost. On the other hand, will use the ore silo as an hostage if they don’t get their way.

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They were QM or CMO I think and were imprisoned by shitsec. I hung out with them while they were in jail and they seemed pretty cool. I’m pretty sure they thought I was a bit silly but I could be wrong.

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Oh what can i say except based, you do play felinid tho and that’s known as cringe.

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bump :flushed:

Best CMO ever and much respect for rejecting cat

Rejected cat so as my doppelganger said “What can i say except based”

bad med player - doesnt like calomel :flushed:

Its good to have someone like you, competent who isnt a shitter and generally makes the round better

gave up playing felinid?

Calomel is a shitty excuse for a purge chem, use pentetic acid :angry:

Unrobust. Killed you when I was ninja