Yurivitch (Ashlie Johnson) Feedback thread

HoS Main, I try to follow space law and give people chances
I mostly play on sage but move to acacia sometimes
Obligatory cringe HoS main when?

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Wow, cringe HoS main. Go play clown, because that’s what all HoS mains truly are!


Good seccie, but you are on the validhuntey side despite claiming to give people chances.

You are very robust though.

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Decent HoS, competent, relatively polite, non-shitter. Doesn’t abuse their underlings or constantly attempt to call them out as shitsec, like certain people who only join because they want to micromanage/torment secoffs or murder everything in sight. 10 out of 10, would take over B.E.N.N.Y. or Varisia any day.

I’ve had more positive experiences working with you as HoS than most of the other regulars. Polite HoS mains are a rarity.

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