Yuliy Banned by WilsonPH

Title: [CKEY] banned by [Admin’s CKEY]

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Ban Length:
1 Week
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
14 Metagaming and Meta-communications. As a ghost, saw a morph spawn offering, said “I will probably go for the nuke disk… Yeah” and then rushed to captain’s office to eat the disk.
Appeal Reason:
While I did entered the captain’s office to begin eating up the items, I did knew that eating the nuke disk right off from the beginning would definitely be looking like a metaknowledge rush, and would be very frowned upon. So, instead, I took the captain’s gun first by breaking down the alarm, while AI was very active on the station and things were chill. AI definitely have saw me, as I saw the camera lights turned on through the red light, and soon, borg came along to engage with me… But not that actively. I made some little RP between the borg, then the borg simply left, leaving the nukedisk and everything else behind. AI also have saw that for sure, since I can see the lights on the camera still lighted up, but soon disappears when I waited for a bit longer. No one ever came to the captain’s office, so I took the nuke disk after taking other stuffs after. Just in case if somoene who is concerned about the nuke disk may come, I stayed a bit more longer in the captain’s office for a bit, sometmes turning into an item, and did used the radio when I ate the radio in the captain’s locker. Nobody came, still. I allowed the chance to be taken, but nobody ever came or be concerned about the nuke disk. There were witnesses; the borg and AI, and the two definitely could’ve blared an alarm anytime, or take actions to take the nuke disk. I had no reason to go after the nuke disk if that has been taken, or to keep it with me if anyone comes to tell me to spit it out (and I definitely will spit it out if been told so). Despite there was a lot of chances peoples could prevent it been taken by me, as well as me giving the peoples chances, ban was been applied.
Additional Information:
I was quite aware that I shouldn’t straight out take the nuke disk and juke off because there was a note related with the nightmare when I took it and juked off from the scene immediately. I did gave the chance to peoples this time, instead of rushing in.

Rule 14 clearly states

You may not use information gained through voice communications with other players, while dead as a ghost

You, upon seeing the morph sigh up pop up, said “I will probably go for the nuke disk… Yeah” and ended up booking it to cap’s office after spawning.
You clearly acted on OOC motivation here, to stop the Lone Op from spawning.

Not really, no… Nor does that statement ‘go for the nuke disk’ part is being the said motivation. I don’t really care about it to spawn or not.

You still went for the Captain’s office for some reason or another as soon as you spawned, and still ended up eating the disk shortly after. You did what you said you would do in dead chat. That’s that.

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If no further input from OP is given I’m leaning towards denying and closing this report.

As again saying on the report, there were AI, borg, and dozen other crews who would’ve heard the burgler alarm to blare on the captain’s gun loot would’ve taken attention to the nuke disk, and definitely have secured it before I could get on hands, not to mention the borg also had the reason to kill me on sight at the captain’s office. I honestly don’t really feel it is right to make the whole nuke disk being sacred by antagonist’s target to engulf, just like revenant going for the morgue, and swarmers and so on going for the vault for their first target. This doesn’t differs much. Nuke ops also have been spawned in the round even after I have taken, so that; “Making the nuke ops not to spawn” is not justified.

The issue is not that, the issue is you using metaknowledge to rush towards the disk’s location after spawning. Is the note wrong about that?

Note alone isn’t the problem. Your note motivation, of

is actually wrong with it, because I did not cared about the lone op to spawn or not. Even then, the lone op still spawned, and your intentions towards me, thinking preventing the lone op spawn, is wrong.

Edit: Also to adding up, repeatingly to be saying. There were MULTIPLE times of chances the other peoples would’ve taken the nuke disk instead, or for the AI’s case, blare an alert to the crews to secure the nuke disk. No one, I repeat, no one took an opened chance to take the nuke disk this time.

Then I assumed wrong and I will apologize for that. However

That does not matter here. You stated in dchat

I will probably go for the nuke disk… Yeah

Then ventcrawled to Captain’s office to grab it, as such you used ghost knowledge to determine its position. You present the argument that other players could have stopped you from doing so, but this does not make your rule break any less promenent.

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Players didn’t had a chance if I haven’t given out the said chance to take away. I could’ve simply take the nuke disk right away and vent crawl away, gone away forever, but instead, I knocked down the captain’s gun case, so it will cause an alarm and notify anyone around there. I gave the peoples chance to take, not just peoples didn’t stood any chance to do so. My intention to actually take the high priority targets are to interact with someone who comes by, instead of “Click till horizontal” combat and “No RP kill.” If my intentions be malicious, I would’ve not just gone to the nuke disk only, but the armory, Tcomms, AI core, vault, and so much more. Instead, I lingered in the captain’s office, waiting for someone to come by and roleplay together a bit.

Apologies with such a huge delay, I got caught up in other matters.
The ban has long since expired, but the reason for it remained true - You said you’d go after the nuke disk, and you ended up arriving at its position shortly after spawning as a morph.
As such I’ll be denying this.