Youssri Pitt and Widsom Three Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: DatFrostys

Your Discord: Frost#4100

Offender’s CKEY: Do not know

Offender’s In-Game Name: Youssri Pitt and Widsom Three

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04/16/2022

Round Number: 37451

Rules Broken: 1 and 12

Incident Description: Spawned as holoparasite. Objectives were to steal hypospray and reactive armor. Killed the CMO with a holobomb bola and stole her hypospray (leaving only a single witness with no actual idea about what happened)

We also stole the reactive armor without anyone reporting it. All the contraband and objective items got hidden inside a private locker.

Out of nowhere, a nuclear agent hypnotise us, which gives us a good “excuse” for our actions.

Beth Greens gets revived and quickly tells security to arrest us, which they did. After 20 long minutes discussing what should be done with my summoner (they found nothing incriminating), they lied about it being “PDA bombs” and said that assistants spawns with a normal cartdrige, making my summoner in their eyes a criminal since he had none in his PDA.

HOS then ordered my summoner to be implant checked and while he had nothing, they realised he was hypnotised. However, they didn’t care about that fact AT all and instead decided to leave us to the Warden to get Guhlaged.

Now, again, my summoner tried to rightfully argue with that but the Warden wouldn’t answer at all to the points made. For no apparent reasons instead, they decided to perma him.

In a last attempt to stop this shit, my summoner told me to stop him and we died.

They all focused on a random hypnotised assistant while there were nukies and a wizard.

Additional Information:


As far as I’m aware, Youssri Pitt’s CKEY YoussriLMAO. I’ve seen them on the ban page before for some miscellaneous griefing.

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Question, how did Beth Greens knew you were the one who killed her? If… she randomly touched a holo-para bomb infused object, died and got clonned she shouldn’t had a clue at all, meaning she saw that you were a holopara traitor with knowledge from being a ghost(as well as ignoring the fact that clonned people don’t remember the last minutes that led to their death) i’d say the root of the problem also lays there since if she acted following the rules maybe this wouldn’t had happened at all

Correct me if i’m wrong

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My summoner threw an explosive bola at her which dismembered her but didn’t gib.
The thing is that she isn’t supposed to know that it’s what exploded since she died instantly. And if I’m not mistaken, bystanders aren’t supposed to know that a bola colliding with someone means it’s due to an holopara (at least not simple crewmembers).

I wanna add that the summoner acted as if the explosion and the bola happened at two different time and even helped bring back Beth’s corpse to a stasis so she could get healed

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If I’m recalling bee’s rules correctly, aren’t you not supossed to remember much from whatever killed you? That’s kind of strange on Beths part


Youssri Pitt tends to be quite difficult, K.I.L.O.B.I.T and I had trouble with him yesterday too.
It’s not the topic, but I think “good will” is not one of his main personnality traits

Apologies for the delay.
I’ll be looking into this tonight.

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So looking through the logs here are my findings:

The HoS thought that there might be PDA bombs involved because your summoner actually suggested that themselves.

They also consented to an implant check.

In conclusion, with a chaotic round like this, not being able to properly deal with a hypnotized crewmember is understandable. There were multiple hypnotized crewmembers and other pressing threats.

Report Rejected.