Your music SUCKS

I am of the belief that music taste is subjective, but when you say that you’re favourite songs are from video games, I know thats probably the only music you’ve ever heard other than the occasional mundane pop song on the radio.

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I’m not saying that video game is bad, but if you’re listening to it outside of playing the game your taste in music is abhorrent

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As someone whos kind of a music geek I know what he’s saying and why but from an outsider perspective It can sound bad

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I disagree, Music produced for video games is one of the most purposeful and thematically directioned music.
It’s intended to immerse you in a setting much like an OST for a movie such as Lord of the Rings* or Star-Wars*, except to an even greater extent due to you the player inhabiting or guiding the character/s.

It’s meant to immerse you in a theme or setting while lacking or with brief injections of lyrics.
you can listen to it outside of the game to appreciate those themes and stylistic directions with minimal context of the game and appreciate it and other media/art/processes with it as you see fit.
If that makes it “Abhorrent” then I’m afraid I’m going to have to petition your posts to be placed on the wall of shame.

(*and if you tell me the people who’s taste stem from those is bad, you’ve gone a step too far.)


CoD singleplayer was better, more enjoyable and more memorable than the multiplayer.

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What the fuck is this poll, videogame music isn’t a “genre”

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I think they mean games originating or of which is association with a video game. I suspect that that association will intensify your positive and negative feelings for a given song depending on the video it was featured in or slong with.

My favorite genre is classical, but the rome total war theme remains one of my favorite songs.

It makes me nostalgic, but it also is just very me.

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I think his point is that “videogame music” is just music. And that one should try to discover more outside of their own bubble. Be it videogames, metal, or classical like that nerd redditor Lori.

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TRUE wordless music is good only for so long and if you don’t know the context it loses its imapct anad meaning

It really depends on how interesting the music is and the band. Lift your skinny fists like anthenas to heaven is considered a masterpiece by many people and its super celebrated as one of the best albums of all time but the songs dont have that many lyrics

Pill: Songs with lyrics are almost always worse

I don’t care about the writer’s intent. I don’t care what emotion they felt or what emotion they want to induce. I have my own interpretation of the feelings I get from a song, and knowing anything about what the author felt while writing it infringes upon that. Most lyrics are repetitive/crass/self indulgent, however of course there are exceptions. I don’t care about the writers break up or their addiction to drugs. I just wanna enjoy the song.

I would unironically rather listen to the mario theme on repeat then 99% of spotifies top 100 songs.

Thanks for listening to this TED talk

Pill : Music is not entirely defined by pop songs

Extra PIll : Trying to go “erm the style of music you enjoy is shit…” is 99% of the time wrong and makes you look like an asshole lol


As someone who likes instrumental music, I have to say that not having a singer is perfectly fine, but lyrics in a lot of songs not only enhance the themes in the music but the voice is another (if not the lead) instrument in the arrangement, and it can lead to a very enjoyable listening experience


music is art and art is subjective, people legitimately listen to an electronic garbage disposal genre known as ‘harsh noise’ or whatever it’s called.

Who cares, like what music you like.

Also to get back to the point of the thread: most of the ‘boredom’ you might get from playing ss13 is caused by playing the exact same character, the exact same job, in the exact same way.


Is this pill cyanide? This is one the worst music opinion I’ve seen.

(Obviously depending on the genre) It’s not always about emotions, songs have a lot of different reasons to be written. Maybe you want to convey a message or you may want to get people energetic, hell you probably just want to write a song that slaps.

Everyone does, there isn’t one correct interpretation to any piece of media. Harry potter writer wrote the story with the intent that it is an allegory of being in the closet, but you don’t have to have that interpretation of it. You could interpret Harry potter as an allegory to the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe if you genuinely see connections between them (but I’d have to question your media literacy then)

Then don’t listen to those songs? Find songs that have a topic or theme that you care about or can relate to, I do. Just because you listened to some bad pop song on the radio doesn’t it mean that music all music today is like that, explore for fucks sake, find out what you like for tones and what you are interested about or what drives you, then you could probably find something other then video game music.

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That isn’t my point, you can enjoy whatever music you like, but 99.9% of people who only listens to music from games are people who never have tried to find new music. People who listen to harsh noice had to go look for it and I respect them for that. Also video game music is often than not there to just set a mood to a level or event. Music written outside of gaming and movies usually have a meaning behind them, maybe for a certain group of people but it’s reason to exist is wildly different if you get me.

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Me listening to most rap

Makes sense why I don’t like em.

it’s either the meaning is “Have sex”, “spend money”, “be a gangster” “be a rockstar” “isn’t country living beautiful” “behold the occult fascination” “Behold the mad impliments of man and their glory” or otherwise some Genre that I haven’t listened to because it’s part of musical theater.

My problems are:

  • If I wanted meaning, I’d talk with someone, read about it or speculate on it with my own ambiance.
  • additionally I have no interest in listening to someone sing about the former half and limited interest in the ladder.