Your favourite players of 2021?

As 2021 draws to an end and the shitshow that is SS13 and beestation further crumbles apart, I think its best to continue this circlejerk of positivity from last year and have a nice reflection on some of our favourite players of the year.

Happy New Year spessmen, lets hope 2022 is less shit.


Oh Nick Dorito, that makes me feel ancient. I’m sad he never came back as Billy Lays




Topaz Sampson, very good roleplayer.

there was this guy who showed up as johnny walrus from lisa one day and beat the shit out of a bunch of swarmers with a baseball bat, cant stop thinking bout him


Its hard to decide but my favorite player overall was probably Cherry Leuse.

Some Honourable mentions are: Kate Garrison (rip), Hollis Evans, Sparky, Violet Nitrieva, Edward Irish, Daniel (wueue), Vince Randolph and Martin Buzz among many others


every single one

I hate you all equally.


Edward Irish is the most memorable.

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@taylor @anon26938153 you both are my favourite, honourable mentions are Iga, Val and Marina Pisces.


is-the-rat - i haven’t seen him around lately, but watching his char become less and less shy was a real adventure

Edward Irish - if you ever impersonate me again i will set fire to all of ireland

Peach Blossom - plays as a pacifist, but still manages to be robust. incredibly fun to build, and talk with

Penwin Rifler - robust AND funny. how?

violet Nitrieva - who knew bullying alcoholics could be so fun

Vince randolph - even though he might be mean, uncool, stinks, listens to god-awful music, tallk smack about apids and hates jazz… he somehow still manages to be fun to talk, and play with.


outside the people who are going to get mentioned 50 times this list, Axel Hakwer and Dillion Finlay are nice to see

oh and that Jimmy Brickets guy? really cool guy should give him your wallet if you ever see him


you guys are misunderstanding the post, you’re supposed to say Taylor Fisher.


Myself as I make the (best) nanites and that one blind and crippled cat person


Marina kinda went down the list for me ever since she would mind swap with a chaos carp as a tot for a week straight. The carp art is nice though, makes me wish I had the patience for it. STILL don’t trust her in xenobio.

Taylor is the best fucking QM I have ever seen. He and I got into a prank war with Botany one time. I became an undercover agent thanks to xenobio’s green mulligan rune. I’m sad I couldn’t fuck with Botany more that time but then again I probably would have gotten a report if I did.

Vince and Flint’s ex husband ark was beautiful. Flint is actually forklift certified though. (Fuck you Vince)

Dillion and Axel actually made me want to play tot more so they can defend me. Dillion actually got a blind obsessed cargo tech off the hook for attempted murder of the clown. However the Clown decided to fuck off with exploration and I hung myself but it’s the thought that counts. -1 to Axel for being in the Miriam metagang though.

Miriam actually renovated the bar a few times and I got to be a waiter for a shift. Props to her for not sticking me in a catgirl maid outfit though.

I pushed Kiera around whenever I saw her, and she came a long way from Cargo’s front desk. Makes me proud in a weird way, her and Boston both came a long way. I also shared a few shifts with her during Flint’s gene ark and it was nice.

I also want to give a shoutout to all of the newbie Janitors I helped out. I hope you all stuck around and are enjoying Bee as much as I am.


Your favorite best players of 2021?


(Axel, Explodes Herself and several others)


Play Dinky more and we’ll see.

(I genuinely miss Dinky)

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Edward Irish and Marina.

Ed because im biased and he teaches me Xenobio.

And Marina because she has a good gimmick. Saying Blessed all the time is a bit annoying tbh.

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I kinda regret abandoning some of my statics most times.

Maybe I should bring some of them back.

Edward Irish and Silent Sentiment( @Heepox ).

Both were good sports during the Irish ling incident a few months back and are generally always fun to see what they are up to when 'minning.

Kiera gets an honorable mention because we both started our disabled character gimmicks around the same time 7 months ago. Good roleplayer who probably fundamentally changed how people actually treat disabled characters.

Marty Spes will always be the RD.

Oh and that “Fulton Blackburn” guy, since RKVothe keeps bringing up how no one remembers him.