Your favourite player of 2020?

Howdy folks local nerd here,
As christmas draws ever closer to us, i’d figured it’d be best to try & end this year with some positivity if at all possible.
This thread was partially inspired by Fronsis’s Favourite silicon player thread that they made a while back.

2020’s been a wild ride eh?
Whether it be from the N-Word fiasco at the start of the year, to the Nick Dorito ban of today & all the other countless issues we’d faced throughout the year.
We’ve been through a bunch of drama & contested changes, yet despite all this, we still enjoy spending our free time playing on either sage or golden no matter how dumb or genuinely frustrating it gets here!

So feel free to share below & give a shout out to the players who you believe, deserves a shout out for whatever deed they’d done!

It can be from the older players who’ve left, or the newer players who’ve arrived. The most helpful player, or the most chaoticly fun player, our great mentors, or the admemes & coders who were mad enough to volunteer their time to sort out shit out. Maybe your favourite silicon or greytider? The folks who made RolePlaying actually enjoyable, or the most BASED gamers around!
Go Wild!

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John Sex


So to kick things off,

Favourite RolePlayer
Honestly, my favourite player over the past year had to be Nylaa when they were still around, arguably was the best Roleplayer here who knew how to make it enjoyable for everyone involved. Some of my most favourite moments on this server came from whatever shenanigans they were cooking up, shame they’d left the server but i don’t think you could blame em.

Based Player
Alfred Collins :flushed: :flushed: :flushed:, Abrasive, Robust & Perma Banned, This Madlad pretty much embodied the spirit of Golden at the time, fun stupid chaos in all its pureness. Had some really fond memories of just witnessing the chaos he’d bring whenever they were onboard.

Honourable Mentions
Nick Dortio - It was a dumb meme, but it was always an enjoyable one, shame that it’d ended abruptly like that.

Nick Em - One my favourite fellas here to just VIBE on the station with.

Everett Garrison - Mostly because i’m biased as fuccc :flushed:, but also due to all the fun moments i’ve had over the year & a bit before. Always a pleasure to see em online.

There’s plenty more folks i’d like to shout out here, but forgive me as i really need to get some sleep.




Anglo Paulson based player and admin I had an interesting moment when we were iaa, and then I had them as a target again.



He Is The Doctor for actually having a clown gimmick.
Renton Thruston I miss Thruston branded nanites. He hasn’t been around.
S.W.I.N.T.S.O.N. because all the rounds he’s in end up with a BSA/ERT if he’s anything higher than a quartermaster.


Burnard Silkwind (@Powerfulbacon)

I don’t have many words to say, he’s just my favorite player overall - whether I’m observing or actually playing in the round.


I quite like Max Anders, he’s quite a good benoboi. Sparky as well for the same reasons. Both of them are at the same wavelength as me so it’s always nice to work with them.


Burnard Silkwind – Most valued Cat award.

Luna Greenwood – Most valued Command award.

Aden Finlay – Most valued Warden award.

Alfred Collins – :pensive:

Phyllis Pretzel – Most valued Head of Security.

Zane Blake – Most valued Security Officer.

(random name) – Most valued Antagonist. Seriously, how does Bloons do it?

Everyone on this list gets all my love. I hope to expand this list in the future, maybe you’ll be on it.

HINDSIGHT: People that don’t do much but I still want to mention.

Angelo Paulson – Most deaths to bolas.

Peach Blossom – They stand at Brig, I guess.

Nyanya – Most annoying pAI.


The shotgun. You know why?

Cause the shotgun doesn’t miss, and unlike the shitty disabler it stops a criminal in their tracks in two hits. Bang, bang, and they’re fucking done. I use four shots just to make damn sure. Because, once again, I’m not there to coddle a buncha criminal scum sucking dipshits, I’m there to 1) Survive the fucking round. 2) Guard the armory. So you can absolutely get fucked. If I get unbanned, which I won’t, you can guarantee I will continue to use the shotgun to apprehend criminals. Because it’s quick, clean and effective as fuck. Why in the seven hells would I fuck around with the disabler shots, which take half a clip just to bring someone down, or with the tazer bolts which are slow as balls, impossible to aim and do about next to jack shit, fuck all. The shotgun is the superior law enforcement weapon. Because it stops crime. And it stops crime by reducing the number of criminals roaming the fucking halls.


I’ve honestly lost track of all the times I’ve been a nightmare and died due to a bola.



Definitely agree about Renton, loved his nanites.

Wang and nan

aka all the based people on LRP, never forget you guys. all us oldies on LRP are basically gone or banned rip my home boys


Topith - spoken to him a bit on discord and seen him a lot in game, seems like a nice guy.


Mike Rich is by far one of the chillest guys i’ve ever seen, dude just does his own thing and has fun, was killing a guy in maint with sleeping carp once and he passes by looking at me for like 5 seconds and just says “sup” and walks away.
I also find it really fun to play with Topith-Jeer whenever he’s online, great guy IC (a bit on the salt side OOC though).


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Wow thanks atleast someone
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@Vexylius im gonna remember you ily


Chromy Jason best bro and epic mining bro :flushed:


me when the jannies start deleting posts in general

those are some truly depressing times :pensive: