Your favorite people on Bee

Who are your favorite people in the community? Or characters in game?

My favorite people: ill do three of them

@Pirill is the obvious choice for me (they know why)

@Syrox01 because they’re fun to play with and I like their character, we also share a lot of opinions regarding the game.

@Dexity I don’t know this person as well as I know the other two, but I think they bring a lot of positivity and general “feel good” to the bee discord and the game itself

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Me. Oh and also Gukle

I do like people but I specifically act as if I never met anyone for any reason, as I enjoy a li’l RP.
I like Navy Nelson, they’re really good at a bunch of jobs, somewhat funny.
Same with Marlyn Blute, good at several jobs always doin something, very robust enemy both of them have killed me multiple times, no harm there.
I find Dallas Ratcliffe to be really amusing and clever when he wants to be
Rounds is a total sweetie very good PAI
I DID like Gukle I thought he was really smart and knew a lot of shit about SS13, I was not part of his annoying dumb fan club though.

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Vince Randolph, he engaged with my shenanigans with me being forklift certified and him stealing my husband, also called me Fwint Fwiar.

Everett called Felinid Flint adorable in LOOC so I have mixed opinions on him.

Xixia is a CMO who I WILL NOT fuck with however, she actually scares me.

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Gukle isnt coming back im afraid

Vince and Everett we’re definitely going to be my 4th and 5th

Oh… That means a lot… Thank you…

Yeah… Pirill hands down… Gave me the spark needed to put effort into my characters.
I do love all of bulb gang tho (Bobjask, Vapor and Pirill)

Angey lizard puts a smile on my face too.

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Something happen to him?

wire and rounds are pretty cool

I wouldn’t say I’m a member of his fan club but I’ve had some fun experiences with him

Well it’s his weird metagang that wound up costing him his spot on bee to my understanding

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Gukle is alright, but for some reason he has this weird cult around him that lets him get away with doing whatever the fuck he wants

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Also rounds are great when Silent Sentiment is in them

Such a chad mime

To add unmentioned names:

Chris Osterweis, Ura-nium, and Eli-Kaja are my favorite shaft miners.

I like Bob Billson as well, they are usually a fun character. Sussy anytime they’re outside of medbay.

Tranquility is one of my favorite mimes, never get to see them.

Max Anders and Morgan Strange are great, I mentally associate them with Command roles.

Rhea I is always fun to chat with as well

he was permanently community removed for being a pest

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Me Myself and I.
Noone else is deserving.


I love everyone but heres some good mentions.

Violet Nitrieva
Silent Sentiment
Fidget Sunshine
Martin Spess
Lowwy Throwly
Boxcutter Jestie
Aemilia Riparia
Marius Fayweather
Kyle Roberts
An Tsui
Wanton Lampoon
Sulla Whyat
Marilyn Bluetenberger
Moriyama Maho
Vela Lavarossa
Kapu Barret
Navy Nelson
Bjork Willow
Peach Blossom
Hodi Anvar
Everette Garrison
Tyler Broad
Camryn Hynes
Vince Nyandolf
Jimmy Bwickets
Miriam Hornet
Luminous SIlkworm
Victoria Singlet
Hal Wise
Maurice Twoface
Topaz Simpson
Averi Mcintosh
Azure Addison

(just to name a few)


John Sex

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John Sex and John Sexier

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Edward Irish loves catboys confirmed?

anyway most of the people here are poggers