Your dumb antag gimmicks

Just as the title says, and as usual I’ll start.

Comedian clown that has assorted voice activated bombs around the station in maintance, with the code words being the punchline to jokes. Also has a couple of meth bombs in their own bag, with the voice activated code being: “Well that’s all folks!”


Pretend to be a clueless moron so no one notices your theft and murder. This has worked too many times its scary.

Alternatively: Be an American Politician. I shouldnt have to explain what this means.


Actual attempts non-lethal subterfuge.

Thanks for making us play extended by not bringing anything to the game as antagonist.

Not doing anything that is against NT until the shuttle is on the way. And I don’t know if this counts as a gimmick, but failing terribly

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I could blow up medbay instead.

Eyyy welcome to the club.

Not really a gimmick, more of a one time thing

Gene roulette, first you must find a willing contestant. Ask them for a number ranging between 1-x and give them injector labeled as that. Depending on how evil you are, they can range from 50/50 to blindness in every single one.


Blowing up medbay

  1. creates a manhunt (fun(for security))
  2. creates casualities (fun(for medical))
  3. creates a hole (fun(for engineers))
  4. creates a diversion (fun(for other antags))

Its infinitely more interesting for the round if you blew up medbay instead of stealthfully doing your objectives.


This is where the once useless smugglers pack comes in handy. Buy a good amount of them and seed them around the station with chem grenades. Set them to the same frequency but different signal numbers. Periodically set them off, causes general confusion and light work for people to do, also set up a couple of voice activated bombs if you need to give sec a quick distraction if they are getting suspicious of you


Which one? The terrible antag club or the “Heil Syndicate” twist one?

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for certain its either, safest bet is both

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i try to come up with a new gimmick each antag round to never be predictable ;3

this one was my favourite so far.

So I was a ling, I told the clown to meet up in dorms. Once there I morphed into him and told him “I am you but from THE FUTURE!” and then I made up some story telling him that we need to lock up the brig physician who was my target in a locker to make sure he doesnt reach centcom to become a space dictator who would ban clowns from wearing a mask. He “believed” me and helped me gear up with some item, he also didnt really wanted to be active on the kidnapp, he was probably worried it could get him in OOC trouble.

And the other one was a space ninja cook.

I would basiaclly order a chameleon kit as traitor cook. Dress up as a space ninja and tell crew that centcom hired me in order to work in kitchen, as proof i would use the chameleon stamp in order to make a forged centcom approved document saying I am allowed to work here and with my energy sword I would began to cook and try to get my targets into the fridge in order to kill them stealthy. Funnily enough I barely got arrested for it.


I pretend to be new to the game

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I LIKE to kill every1 (sec and regular crew who attack me in self defense) everytime i roll antag MURDERRR i want to KILL plss

My gimmick is I fail in the most embarrassing way imaginable


murderbone rules tho

murderbone rules are genuinely detrimental to the game, their only purpose to spare weak players from getting their feelings hurt or their passive roleplay getting disrupted

Just stalk some random guy for a good while every time you seem them in-between doing your stuff.