Your deathchem mixes

What are your favorite chem grenade deathmixes? PRO CHEMIS ONLY

upgraded hellfoam

2 large water bottles (the superior chem grenade storage)

30u fluorosurfactant
70u chlorine trifluoride

30u water
30u plasma
20u phlogiston
20u napalm

CFL3 causes hull breach and acts as main catalyst for fire, fluorosurfactant slips to prevent running
plasma allows fire to spread even further, increasing deadliness
phlogiston and napalm help in burning whatever the fuck decided to exist near the detonation range

a shotgun dart of plasma is enough to kill on toxin damage

a shotgun dart of half plasma and half welding fuel is enough to softcrit on toxin damage

Uranium and metal.

Don’t be snobs, the only time I need to make a death mix is to kill IPCs. They die real quickly to that.

nerd, the true chemis must work excellently with the amount of deathchems given to them, for they are powerful in creating life and death within seconds

Simple things work best. All IPCs around me just die, and most security guards are weaklings without disablers.

Death mixed.

It’s gonna sound stupid but

Just add nutriment to a syringe to make someone obese then add mint to gib.

I personally, if not, prefer to just shoot them with enough morphine to keep them knocked out for a long while and choke then to death. No blood, no murder weapons. Just wear gloves.

Or curbstomp.

Ngl my murder choices are always some personal shit and usually include curbstomping defenseless people, I feel awful


Doesn’t hurt you physically but will literally crash your computer.

emp grenade, literally just the same easiness as potassium water chem grenade

aiming at only ipcs

cringe, actually make use of chemistry

i actually took the time to find good deathchem mixes by experimentation in a private server to realize literally no one will take the time to do more than potassium water mix

years of spess academy training wasted

I actually like that sound of that. Like, all of it.

Curbstomping defenseless people is lame if you don’t gloat at them though. You have to kidnap them then gloat for like a hour like some sort of cartoon villain, then knock em off.

you monologue until ogan busts your ass like in a comic

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I’m gonna be honest, I have very little chemistry experience, I just wanted to meme on you. I’m learning, but I haven’t done too much yet.

But I’m a simple man. I see effect solution to my biggest issues, (Shitsec with guns, and radios) I take it. It helps that it’s a solution that requires only basic chemistry knowledge and the holodeck.

That’s when you activate the EMP implant and e bow. Or throwing kit and sleeping carp.

Ogan uses ballistic along with a shield most of the time so good luck

I just said sleeping carp and throwing kit. Or, the most chad way of all, and my personal favorite… corpse throw and body slam. I do need to go up against ogan at some point, (every other warden I’ve met with traitorous intentions has died to me) so I look forward to the challenge when I feel like trying MRP out again.

oh ok

hit me up in mrp chembay i will show you the ways of robust chemis

I already have a chemist main friend offering to teach me, but thanks for the offer.

Actually, I should tell him to get a bee station account and post his death mix. He says it does almost every damage type or something, including brain damage.

tbh sounds like lexorin tricordrazine overdose and meth

Why do you think I keep the Chem Kit for myself when I emag supply console

It feels fucking great to shoot someone with curare and brag about killing them before making them eat the curb while they are paralyzed

Now you’re killing in style. I’d just use a sleepy pen, and then take them to a secluded location, like a torture chamber.

chloral, blindfold and cuff and bring into maint chair, buckle

if anyone asks, “hurr they suffocate in spess”

ramble fucking insanity at your victim

feed lexorin or some shit and watch them slowly suffocate trying to bargain

alternatively, feed meth to kill and if everyone is stoopid they dont heal their brain damage before cloning