Your Dad Sells Avon Ban Appeal2

**CKEY:**Your Dad Sells Avon

**Admin’s CKEY:**bloons3

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Sage

**Ban Type:**Server Ban

**Ban Length:**A week

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-07-21 23:58

**Round ID:**18854

**Ban Reason:**Aggressive greytiding, refused to do their job on a cult round as a chaplain (bless holy water)

**Appeal Reason:**It was my first round as Chaplain where I had to do something against cult. I didn’t choose Chaplain as the role was given to me randomly. With no prior experience I had no clue what I was doing. I just wanted to go around the station and do whatever when a security officer comes up to me.

He starts to pull me to sec saying I had to ‘get cult’. I asked him to leave me alone when he started to flash me repeatedly and handcuffed me. After he dragged me to sec, he told the higher ups what happened and then they let me go. The sec officer who dragged me to sec said he needed holy water and was going to get a tank. I waited for some time and thought he wasn’t coming with the tank so I hacked the doors to sec and let myself out.

I went back to engi as I was curious as to what lay behind a vault looking door and after some time the same sec officer approaches me with a tank of water. I again ask him to leave me alone when he says he wants me to bless the water or something. I was going to help him by asking what he needed me to do when all of a sudden I was banned. No bwoink telling me what I did wrong/ have to do. I feel that it would have been nice if the admin at least gave me a chance or told me what I should be doing, instead, they just hit me with a ban for not knowing how to do my job.

I also feel this is harming the station as Chaplain is supposed to do something to help ‘get cult’.

Additional Information:

You’ve been banned for not understanding the rules multiple times before, and you got banned for not understanding the rules yet again.
Are you ever going to read and understand the rules?

lol that was me and i wasnt a sec boi i was brig phys and you seem to have left out the parts where you attacked me with your chainsaw hand

can you really fault him when his first time playing chaplain also happened to be the antag where chap is actually relevant

I attacked you after you repeatedly were pulling me and flashed me.

I watched you casually greytide into engineering and attack a few other people, all while not doing your one job as chaplain. You even said that “It’s against my religion”

The fact he wasn’t doing his job is actually the least of the concerns that I and many others witnessed him doing.

You left the part, where you attacked random crewmember with chainsaw without reason at the roundstart. After that, you decided to break in atmospherics, but you were stopped by bolted doors. Knowing you from past, it is obvious that you wanted to plasma fire station.

Nah dude fuck off, you were literally bragging about how you’re griefing, go play hippie.

You’re all just triggered I made your brains even more smooth that round. Seems there are people defending me and some against me. Looks like I’m just gonna have to wait 2 weeks to play again.

“Some”, there was litteraly 10 ghosts watching you griefing. Admins should really check logs of this round and previous one (including ooc where you brag murderboning). You should get perma for what you did.

If you agree to receive the spray, how am I to blame?

You never told me that your spray might kill me, you just said it will make me stronger. I trusted you, because you had mindshield during gangs.

Anyways, admin should bring logs and look this up.

Well the way I see it the spray is basically a floor pill. Would letting people use the spray themselves still result in a ban?

The difference is that you can’t actually find out what’s inside a maintenance pill, unless you’re the debtor.
Injecting people with chemicals and not being honest about which chemicals they are is self-antagging, it’s the same as mislabeling pills and putting them in the chem freezer, also self-antagging.
You tricked people into being injected with dangerous reagents, it’s very obvious self-antagging.