Your Dad Sells Avon Ban Appeal

**CKEY:**Your Dad Sells Avon

**Admin’s CKEY:**bloons3

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Sage

**Ban Type:**Server Ban

**Ban Length:**From 2020-07-22 00:11 to 2020-08-05 00:11

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2020-07-22 00:11

**Round ID:**18854

**Ban Reason:**Massively griefing other players with hypospray

**Appeal Reason:**I asked every person before giving them an injection with the spray. If they asked what it did I stated it was random as i wasn’t 100% sure but it may kill them. I don’t feel this is griefing as people willingly took the spray. I have also done this before with the bottle of water from lavaland and I didn’t get banned or even bwoinked. Because I had done this previously I believed it would be okay to do so again.

Additional Information:

You injected a ton of people with hell water, which sets them on fire.

First of all, you new that shit kills. You were bragging about it for couple rounds “it insta deletes brains” or something similiar you said. The first time someone died you should have stopped, but you continued to do this for couple of rounds at least.

You didn’t warn me about consequences and offered as “insta heal” or something (not this round, but one day earlier). Even after seeing what it did to cargo members.

You knew that murderboning is not okay and you kept wondering why no one banned or bwoinked you.

Wasn’t you also who burned whole evac shuttle with plasma fire? There is report about it on forum.

Anyways, you were massive shitter during cult round as chap, attacked random crew members without reason, broke in atmos to try plasma flooding, rejected to fight cult, because you were busy griefing. 10 ghosts spectated you that round. Your ban should be changed to perma, because you want only to grief.

On chap round I wanted to get a jaws of life so I could pry open any doors in the way. As for attached people, the magician started shooting at me which Is why I started to attack him. I said ‘it’s against my religion’ to try to get the sec man to leave me alone.

Again, if people explained what my job is as chap I would have been happy to help after I got the jaws of life.

To be honest you sound like a person who pretends to be a beginner and not understand the game, but actually know perfectly well what you’re doing, your previous ban history seems to indicate so as well.

I have about 70 hours in the game and a lot of the time don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t look on the wiki a lot as I’d rather figure things out myself. Ask admins and you’ll see I ahelp a lot to ask questions about things I’m uncertain about.

After the first person caught on fire, you probably should have realized that whatever you were injecting into people was bad.

I did, I found it funny so got people’s permission to do it.

@bloons3 resolve please.

Sentence is good, open to modifying it if another @gameadmin says so.

I thought it was funny so I misled people into thinking it was a random effect so I could set them on fire.

Sentence seems good to me

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2nd opinion received, closing appeal

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