Your Dad Sells Avon Ban Appeal For Antag Permaban


**Admin’s CKEY:**yorpan

**Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:**Both

**Which server did the ban happen on?**Sage

**Ban Type:**Job

**Ban Length:**Permanent

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**2020-09-15 17:29

**Round ID:**21330

**Ban Reason:**Plasmaflooding security for no real reason as a ling.

**Appeal Reason:**I have re-read the antag rules as you asked me to and now understand what I can and cannot do as an antagonist.

Additional Information:

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I mean compared to his other offenses he was an Antag here, I think giving you perma job ban is very outrageous, just give him a second chance.

It wasn’t my idea to make it perma, but if you do accept that it was not according to the antag conduct I see no problem with lifting it.

I didn’t complete half my objectives so yea, I’m in agreement

That clause is only valid for LRP, on MRP there is no half completed objectives clause that allows you to murderbone, only your initial objectives can grant you that status.

oh, right. My intent wasn’t to murderbone, its just that sec was onto me and I wanted to fuck em up a lil

I mean, they weren’t really on to you as much before as they were after :stuck_out_tongue:
Doing what you did when cornered by sec is okay, but going out of your way to attack sec with plasmaflooding is not so okay, especially considering that your objectives were nowhere near related.

Your ban is lifted now, have fun being an antag again :slight_smile:

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Wait you arnt allowed to plasma fire sec when they try to hunt you down?

You are, but sec weren’t actually hunting him down in this case.

thats nice from you yorpan I didnt excpect that from you

oh i see then, gonna keep that in mind

I want to clarify two points on this @S_S and @YourDadSellsAvon

  1. Security is always valid to antagonists that are allowed to kill (basically everyone but abductors) but it must be done in a low-collateral way such as one-on-one fights, drugging and dragging into maints, and small explosive or bear traps. Plasma fires and large bombs are not low-collateral

  2. Being attacked doesn’t change the above, but if you’re cornered and out of options, desperate actions become more appropriate. This means dragging a plasma canister or bomb around with the intent of using it when being attacked is bad, but running to toxins storage while being chased in a hopeless situation and opening a canister after sec comes in is fine.

Thanks for clarifying the issue in a more general sense, my replies above were limited in scope to this particular appeal and situation and could easily be misinterpreted for other scenarios.

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