You should be able to id-lock a plumbing constructors chem dispensor

the title, you should be able to alt-click a chem dispensor and make it so only you can change its settings

edit: i was talking about the plumbing constructor stuff when i was writing this, i am idoit

Faint memories of two chemists fighting over the same chem dispenser despite both being full of power floods your mind

Then the chemist fucks off after he made his meth and bombs without anyone being able to make the medicines required for medical or the bombs for that blob because the dispenser has been ID-locked.

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reviving thread cus i wrote the wrong thing

pretty much this, terrible idea

just defend your workstation better

other chemist using your machine?
what do you think the glass tables in chemistry are for??

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i said that i was talking about plumbing constructor ones, the ones wich are automated? normal chemdispensors can stay normal but i feel like the factorio-like chem dispensors should have some sort of baby-lock to stop people from screwing up your chem factory

if they screw up your chem factory screw up there entire existance

Horrible idea for chem dispensers, fantastic idea for plumbing parts since they are pretty much guaranteed to be at least partially placed in highly accessible areas.

Yeah, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.