You are a cat that got sencience from a sentient potion

You pushed and dropped items from a table.
Your master is upset with your behavior and tells you don’t drop stuff from the table.

Are you going to be an obedient cat or submit to your cat nature?

  • Yes, I am a good cat.
  • I am a fucking cat and will drop whatever I want from the table.

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I love democracy.

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One time the antag mime saw me being a shitter sentient Runtime and decided to use his mime gun to kill me (one shot) and then gib me after the chef tried reviving me.

BeeStation players…


After this post has dropped, I have noticed an increase of disobedient felinids, more excuses to dunk them in the fucking pool thanks.

This is why cats are just inferior dogs

All of you will be banned for the sentient potion role.

Cat gonna do what a cat gonna do.


Cat > Dog

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I will do neither because I am not a cat. I fear the cats.


I rolled Runtime on random animal once and proceeded to remove as many things from tables around the station as possible, with the added bonus of laying in those spots for a short while, unless someone was yelling at me for it.

its honestly some of the most fun ive ever had as runtime

on the other hand though, the number of players that will straight up murder small animals for being even a minor nuisance is pretty wild. I move one item around and suddenly I have 3 people with knives trying to kill me

I actually plan to play a sentient cat sorcerer in a D&D game at some point and I think it’s going to be a blast

you must learn Thunderwave spell, and cast it on a table. I think there was a feature that can make your aoe damaging spells not affect your allies, then it will be perfect to push them all.

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i am not a cat so i cant respond to this.

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For now… somebody could have an accident and awaken different.

why did you quote it from smujge

why can’t I do both?


There’s a special extract xenobio can make that effectively gives you free respawns, so its nice for dealing with that kind of stuff.

As a cat owner.

My cat definitely knows that he is not supposed to drop things off tables. Hence, he will stare at you while doing it, and meow at you if you aren’t paying attention to him doing it.

Cats know the difference between right and wrong. They do not give a fuck.