Yobrocharlie banned by Tyranicranger4

Title: Yobrocharlie banned by Tyranicranger4

Admin’s CKEY:
Ban Type:
Game ban both servers
Ban Length:
Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
Round ID:
Not in game
Ban Reason:
“Admitted in the discord to be knowingly breaking server rules when it comes to the bad kind of ‘meta friending’ Seemed to be boasting about it to an extent too.
Appeal Reason:
This server is important to me
Additional Information:
I am sorry for seemingly boasting about my IC friends which I have only as of recently gotten into contact with OCly. I am sorry about making an example in the salt mines about my meta friending, the event where I looked for a body in space just because they were my friend never actually happened and was just me making an example. Over time I have made friends in game that I honestly care about in real for both just being great people and people I know I can rely on. If it is required from me that I act like all of the events from the past month, Daniel cola getting over his depression, Daniel cola falling in love, Daniel cola leaving the person he fell in love with because they were abusive, and Daniel cola feeling like he has a family again (he never had one before). If I have to pretend like all of these events did not happen because each game is it’s own timeline then I will do that to be unbanned. Just please, I beg of you, don’t separate me from my friends.

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It’d be terrible to see you go, but for the sake of maintaining the premise of the game and all the wonderous Insanity and Hilarity that arises from it, Meta friend stuff between rounds is ICKY NO GOOD. Though if you REALLY want to maintain a semi-buddy buddy vibe across rounds, its best to treat every prior round like something that happened a long time ago, with only vague references that at best don’t say much on the behavior, history or other things in general.*

In multiple encounters, we’ve met on station (its ME Kalavi Lumen) afew times prominently behind the HoP desk, I can’t count how many times I’ve given or denied you Ian, mostly cause it’s unimportant, but I remember the two prominent times I did and didn’t**, however I’ll NEVER talk about those prior events IC as that would compromise where a lot of the fun of the game arises, while I can’t deny partiality on my decisions IC either, well no one is perfect and I try to treat ever shift as “oh fuck I don’t know how ANY of these people do things”

while it’s fun to say “Hey, whats up” to a familiar face, as it so happens you both gotta keep it to the minimum and you can’t let a past that either doesn’t exist, or happened an indeterminately long time ago, interfere with what everyone agrees is suposed to be a blank slate.

Danforth may be HoP, Kalavi (me) may be HoS and the usual folks of Milli, HAL and Kur-reet may be walking about, but calling in old favors, saying “when have I let you down” and keeping up an IC score on who where with who isn’t how this game works

(* Kalavi Lumen is and will forever be Immuteably a rock breaking miner at heart and will take EVERY oppertunity to rag on miners who don’t get mats and Scientists who don’t get mining research done, I too will, to the vaguest extent reference the terrible or odd happenings I’ve run into as Kalavi, almost exclusively with regards to myself. ** you kicked Ian to death once and for that there is no forgetting and NO forgiveness, only lapses in judgment in letting that dog out of my sight)


Assign since i have little context, but this sounds like “comeback in year with a vouch” type perma to me

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Indeed, not mine to handle.


Well you heard it then. Come back 2023/9/18 and bring a vouch from a reputable server.