Yes its me im here

Yes its me the furrest furry

no ‎‎


go away :moyai:


cool you can now get hated on 2 different platforms


no no no no no no
i dont need knock off furry porn memes on here

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@Efe @bluezorua @Ratvar be nice.

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furryhost confirmed oh god


I dont get furries. Why put your fetish shit on as your pfp?
Bdsm folks dont put their fucking latex on as their pfp, now do they?

animal sex bad


ask the same question to weebs

Eh. At least weebs put like, their favourite show characters on sometimes, and at that point its like putting jimmy neutron on because you like the show, the memes, maybe consider yourself a smartass or whatever

There are no real furry media products to put on as to show that you like a show, or a character, or memes. Its literally just the thing that happens to be what your nilly the willy commitee decides to like.