Year 2615 , noobgamergirl is still banned

title says it all, cant even comment

2000 years later, still banned

im now playing with space marines, killing xenomorphs, its very boring honestly

I played about 4 rounds of marines.

It was a stomp every time by the xeno’s. Then again, my loadout was shit, a fucking self defense pistol and throwing knives.

man i started playing marines right now , its so much fun, mostly because its new to me

Bro, that’s like bringing knives to a gun fight.

Of course, the one time I went on, I chose the only gun that requires a unique keybind to fire, (shotgun gang) so I couldn’t even use my gun.

yo how do i load shotgun

Needs a special keybind to pump, go make one, they don’t have it set by default.

oh thats nice qasd asd as

Beestation plays colonial marines when

using special action but still cant reload my shjotgun what am i doing wrong

nvm i figured it out